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Fat loss myth (by Ty)

This may seem sexist but this applies especially to women that run their little hearts out on the treadmill 7 days a week in hopes of looking like Beyoncé.  224 more words


Thou Shalt Not Be a Noob

I’ve written about noobs over the years – writers who don’t know what they don’t know…and don’t care. There are all kinds of noobish behavior; sending editors nasty grams over being rejected; not researching those they query; writing synopses that don’t cough up the plot…the list is long and depressing. 128 more words


The Distro Retrospective

If you are as interested in following the latest distros that are relased every now and then as me, you know that distrowatch.com is the place to go for the latest news on the topic. 1,157 more words



To get started with Raspberry Pi you need an operating system. NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software) is an easy operating system install manager for the Raspberry Pi. 29 more words


Humildad ante todo.

El escritor estadounidense Ernest Hemingway dijo “el secreto de la sabiduría, del poder y del conocimiento es la humildad”, este es el primer paso para mejorar nuestro juego.  205 more words

Defense Of The Ancients

This is where the journey start

Hi, I’m Geoff(not my real name btw) and I’m just a guy who want to post stuff on the Internet to get likes and views….Nah, too much work. 52 more words

Expectation vs Reality

yeah… although its wasn’t my case because I started in the family business, I do know this is true for many of you…

What were your expectation when you bought your first DSLR?