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Copywriting Techniques for Noobs

Here’s a web page that has really good ideas about Copywriting and how to use it effectively with your marketing campaigns and ideas. So enjoy…..hereeeeeeee we go. Click the link. Copywriting Basics




Decoding the Desktop Environments

Not long ago, Gnome2 was really like the king of desktop environments for Linux. It was a popular desktop environment and ruled the DE scene, unaware that its end was coming near. 765 more words


Let me show you how to mate

Let me show you how to mate, check mate. Yes! This article is actually about chess and my newly found love for the board game. Chess is the game of Kings and the King of games. 1,594 more words

Casual Blog


Welcome to a podcast where we scrutinise the consumption habits of people consuming Asian media. Be it twits tweeting about If You Are The One or complete noobs playing Pokemon hacks, we will be there to make fun of them. 65 more words

Be the Hero; Not the Villain

There was this today, which was prompted by this, which was prompted by this. I was going to ignore that last article, but my incredulity quotient has gotten too high. 1,140 more words

EVE Online

LFR: Ready to raid....apparently

After a short trip to the Honor vendor and a jaunt around the timeless isle I was deemed fit to participate in the SoO lfr…… whether or not I would live up to the Huntard moniker is another matter of course. 240 more words


DOTA 2, Ultimate guide;

Let’s start!

Are you tired of being flamed on, constantly getting queued with “awful russians” spamming “cyka, blyat” in the chat? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. 259 more words