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Day 1 - The Epic Journey & Tourist Rides

We have survived the night! I think the worst part for me of the whole trip is the ferry ride. I am notoriously a bad sleeper: I have to have complete darkness in the room and as far as can be achieved, complete silence. 703 more words

Destination Nurburgring Playlist #3

I’ve been updating my playlist. Only a few days to go to make final arrangements! Last year it was definitely more of an electro/dancey mix, whereas this year I am mixing it up a fair bit. 447 more words

Just a taster of the week to come!

Here’s a video that Dad uploaded a good while ago… comes complete with award-winning commentary! There is quite a bit of bad language, if you’re likely to take offence… Normally if I passenger with Dad, it’s like silent city. 52 more words

Destination Nurburg Playlist #2

Not long now!

It’s a five-six hour journey (with a McDonald’s stop over in Venlo, of course) from the ferry to the Ring, and as the aerial on Dickie tends to have a dickie fit, I tend to plan an Epic Journey to Germany playlist on my iPod. 413 more words

Destination Nurburg Playlist - #1

Always gotta have a Nurburgring playlist!

When I started going to the Nurburgring with Dad again, after a steady absence, we used to do the Tunnel Run. 145 more words

Steak Nurburg


A foodie post this time.

One of the things I always look forward to, when we go to the Ring, is the food! It is true, though – there are a lot of steaks and sausages fleeing about! 92 more words

A bit of the Nurburgring at work

Every time I make a drink at work (in my Nurburgring mug, of course!) I get very excited. Not long now!

Half of these corners I don’t know primarily by their German (proper) name, but rather by the names that we give them! 98 more words