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Prime sketch

This falls into the Cheep category. I got this for a buck, plus another $2 for shipping. It’s a quickie convention sketch of Prime on a comic book backing board. 103 more words

Other Stuff

An anarchist anti-hero for our angst-ridden age? - Anarky

It’s tough to get a new Batman villain to “take.” The Rogues Gallery of rogues galleries is so star-studded, it almost beggars description. With iconic luminaries like the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, the Riddler — need I go on — there isn’t a lot of oxygen left over for a fresh face to catch fire. 1,309 more words


The Peregrine Takes Flight!

Some of our sharper-eyed readers took note of the recent Timeline of My Pulp Fiction Universe that was posted. In it, there was no reference to Max Davies’ old identity… in fact, those references now indicated that he was a costumed hero known as The Peregrine. 251 more words