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Detective 605 - The Mudpack frame Batman

Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell continue the Mudpack storyline in Detective 605 (Late Sept. 89).

Karlo sends Preston Payne out to commit a bank robbery.  Batman shows up, but takes Clayface’s side against the police.  95 more words


Detective 604 - The Mudpack begins

Alan Grant, Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell launch one of my favourite stories from this era, the Mudpack, in Detective 604 (Early Sept. 89).  It was preceded by an issue of Secret Origins devoted to the four Clayfaces, setting up the story. 198 more words


Detective 603 - Batman and the Demon vs Tenzin's tulpa

Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell conclude their three-part story of the tulpa in Detective 603 (Aug. 89).

Jason Blood feels guilty about refusing to help Batman, especially when Randu went off to aid him, and calls forth Etrigan. 131 more words


Detective 602 - Tenzin's tulpa draws attention

Tenzin Wyatt’s story continues in Detective 602 (July 1989), by Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell.

As with most loan sharks (in fiction at least), no payment is ever enough, and Mr. 127 more words


Detective 601 - Tenzin Wyatt debuts

Batman heads into supernatural territory in Detective 601 (June 1989), in a story by Alan Grant, with art by Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell.

The story opens as the Batmobile sits alongside another car at a stoplight.  153 more words


Detective 594 - Batman meets Joe Potato

Grant, Wagner and Breyfogle introduce a new supporting character for Batman in Detective 594 (Winter 1988), the private detective Joe Potato.

The story itself deals with an executive who has been driven mad through his addiction to Ecstasy, and who is seeking out those he feels responsible and killing them.  154 more words


Detective 593 - Batman vs Cornelius Stirk

Grant, Wagner and Breyfogle conclude the introduction of Cornelius Stirk in Detective 593 (Dec. 88),with Steve Mitchell joining on the inks.

So in the previous issue, we learned that Stirk intentionally terrorizes his victims,then cuts out their hearts after killing them.  213 more words