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Psykvården är till för vita

Jag har blivit utmannad av Vardagsrasismen att skriva om mina upplevelser som rasifierad av den svenska psyk och sjukvården so here it goes!

Jag ska börja med att säga att jag under min livstid inte haft så väldigt mycket kontakt med sjukvård eller psykvård eftersom jag ändå är privilegiad på så sätt att jag aldrig lidit så pass mycket av psykisk ohälsa att jag verkligen tvingats till att söka vård. 783 more words



Being an only child, I’ve never had to deal with siblings whilst I’ve been growing up – yes, I’ve had plenty of people who were like brothers and sisters to me, but it’s not really the same, is it?   535 more words

October 13, 1959: The Eagles Have Gone Dutch

Credit goes to Sports Illustrated – article published on October 13, 1959. 

The Quarterback lumbered casually out of the huddle, leaned on the center’s backside with his left hand and looked the situation over. 1,272 more words

American Football

Live and let die

Weird occurrences and ways of living are the norm.
But weirdness extends past ways of living, to ways of dying, too.

The first episode I watched of “1000 Ways to Die” started my obsession with the show. 604 more words


Research, Technology and Religion

Émile Durkheim, in The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life, sees a religion as ‘a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things.’ This does not seem to be an accurate definition of the religious system of Saudi Arabia, Islam. 90 more words


Technology, Communication and Evaluation

Some philosophers, such as Durkheim, argue that too rapid population growth reduces the amount of interaction between various groups, which in turn leads a breakdown of understanding (norms, values, and so on). 338 more words