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On the toilet at work.

What is this??

This is a metaphor for how I feel while I am working as an engineer in a depressing noisy factory.. locked up in this small space with no hope to get into the big wide world and become something and make my own path. 432 more words

Late night nonsense.

Why is it that I’m sleepy all day, but as soon as it’s time to go to bed I can’t shut my brain up? Typical.  370 more words


Bad Habits

Okay, so, on a personal note: I’ve noticed that I have a REALLY bad habit of not finishing what I start. This mostly occurs with my writing…and my blogging…and my projects…. 201 more words


The end of an era

A wonderful, wise, and older friend of mine today remarked how even though my parents’ marriage was over a few years ago, this divorce is marking the end of our family as we know it. 295 more words

Yellow wooly

I found this little guy on my front stoop this morning. Don’t you normally see them in the fall? Around here we try to predict the intensity of our winters from the color of the wooly caterpillars. 66 more words


It occurred to me
that I am quite ordinary,

but then, in the next moment,
that being aware of being ordinary

must be extraordinary
and that I might have… 62 more words

missing out.

I spent much of my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood with the aspiration to be normal. The aspiration for normal is often wearing, at times heart-breaking and endlessly unsatisfying. 991 more words