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So Different!!!

How do you deal with being so different than everyone else? I don t fit in anywhere. I ll never be yuck( normal ). I feel so odd and abnormal. 82 more words

Day ~ 12 The New Normal is Insanity...

“And the cycle comes around full circle again…the Roller coaster of emotions.  I can’t tell you how many triggers I have, there’s got to be a million…I’m in for the Ride of my life. 729 more words


Yes, go ahead.

After one year, someone else tried to break into the newly-built walls.


Square watermelon

The round shaped watermelon is difficult to transport and take up more space,so farmers of Kagawa prefecture, south of the country, found a way to ease the transport of these large fruits. 79 more words

Non Classé

Is It Normal For Your Thoughts To Race Constantly?

Does your mind constantly race and require stimulation all the Time? I can t just do one thing at a time. When reading I ll switch between 3 – 4 articles at the same time. 82 more words

normal ha ha

woke last night at 1.20 the landing light was on, I could hear talking downstairs. Looked in on Munchkin she wasn’t in bed. 10 minutes later other half came up and put Munchkin in bed, she moaned for a minute then went to sleep.. 118 more words

Unemployed — Day 61 [Hobbled Hobbies]

Sitting alone in the dark I think, “Maybe I should get a hobby…” I saw an article about how LEGO is coming out with a S.H.I.E.L.D. 1,011 more words