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Life as we know it.

The recent news of the death of 1 of the last 7 white rhinos left on our entire planet (1 of only two breeding males) makes me truly question the fragility and possibilities in life and just how young we are limited, herded and branded like cattle into certain skill sets. 258 more words


An Italian Dilemma


Restaurants will be the death of me, I assure you. On the last weekend on half term, November the 1st and 2nd, my family and I are having a weekend in London. 254 more words

Late Night/Early Morning Talk

Dating in a "21st Century World"

I guess you could say I’ve always been one to go against the norm, whether It be because of the fact I’m bisexual or the fact I just don’t like chocolate… but who’s to say what the norm Is exactly? 477 more words


Feeling the norm

The past few weeks have been rough on me, and I know it isn’t for any particularly logical reason.

A part of it is that my significant other has been incredibly busy, so I haven’t seen as much of him as I’d like. 700 more words


The Dreaded N Word: Normal

I urge you to reserve judgment until the end of the article because if you don’t read the whole thing you will think I’m a huge d-bag. 943 more words

Social Issues

Feeling insignificant?

We all feel like this from time to time. And is it any wonder? This world is full of people who have exceptional talents, wealth that’s unimaginable and experiences that are unforgettable. 127 more words


Desire and repression

Unobscured object of desire I am, salacious and wanton
Is it not a comedy what we learn to love the things once rotten

Soft, young, firm and tight if sex sells then this is the event horizon… 118 more words

Scarlet And Me