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His Mystory

A park bench was the backdrop for two young men in deep conversation. This wasn’t one of those “who’ll take the Series” talks. It was gut level, expose-your-real-self talk. 919 more words


What is Normal???

If one saw me on the street, in a store, or at the movies, they would not know that I have issues. I watch the movie, check out the clothes, shop for what I need. 163 more words

Road To Wellness

Blog #8 Being Unaffected by the Voices of Society

Not listening to what people say about us is a challenge that we all had or have to face. We all desired for attention and need for approval in the past. 1,330 more words

Fitting In

Testes de normalidade: saiba qual a sua importância e utilize nossos frameworks prontos para executá-los

A avaliação da forma como se distribui a frequência de uma série é muito útil em aplicações e modelagens de diversos campos, como econometria, física, medicina, etc. 326 more words


Year 2: Day 14 - Business As Usual

Like there isn’t a jar of cookies on my desk,
like there isn’t a door that opens
out to the playground

Like there aren’t a thousand books in here, 75 more words


“Normal” does not exist

What is normal for the spider

Is chaos for the fly

While I enjoy this quote, it may not fit when speaking about gender. 196 more words


Lo normal a la fuerza

Para alguien que vive en el epicentro de los campos desgastados de un país comunista lo normal es convertir a todos los demás en un peligro. 371 more words