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... new normals ...

It’s that time of the year again… The holidays… Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago, and now Christmas is fast approaching…

What, in the past, had always been “normal” for me at this time of year, has not been so for about the last 4 or 5 years… Instead, “normal” has been in flux, fluid and changing as has been the family situation… And even now, the “new normal” has not yet fully taken shape and solidified… 57 more words

Personal Reflection

My Problems

The problem with lupus is that it is a constant balancing act.  I must balance what I’m doing or want to do with how much energy I may or may not have on hand.   156 more words

Our dog days are done ... for now ...

After years of contemplation, months of discussing, and weeks of watching, our family adopted our first dog last week Sunday.

We loved the idea of taking in a pet who needed a family so we focused our search on shelter pets. 837 more words

Is This 'Normal'?

I woke up late this morning, which isn’t surprising as I was very late going to bed. Mind you, once I was up I was ready to get on and do whatever needed to be done, so that was a good thing. 214 more words

Day To Day

Just One Day Out of Life, It Would Be So Nice....

A line from a Madonna song or the conundrum of my existence. I can never be sure.

With the holidays fast approaching, I can feel myself trapped by the impending dooms of the what-if’s. 334 more words


My Fan Art- CP's Response!

He guys! CP replied to my Fan Art! Its true! Here’s their reply-

Sorry that I blocked the codes- they were hard earned. :P Anyways, I’ll ask if I should send it again for the Fan Art page. Till then, adios, amigos!



Day 15: bullet-point your day

~7:00I was awake because I’m in the room with two huge windows and the sun always wakes me up
~7:01 I decide its to early and hide under my blanket were its dark and cosy. 163 more words