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crazy is--as does sir

To address the use of the word “crazy” in its literal meaning brings to mind a person lacking the mental capabilities of one considered “sane”; however, sanity is readily assumed the majority opinion of most walking the street at this particular moment—not so. 181 more words

Day #51 : The Importance of Being Normal

How would we know when life is really good if things never got to normal? Sometimes all you need to be happy is that moment at 11 in the night, when you’re in bed with a bottle of apple juice and your favorite snacks, copying notes from days you’ve missed college on. 16 more words


24 Hours.

It’s midnight.
The last 24 are now just memories.
The next 24, might just change everything.

You begin the day in dreams.

Wake up hoping that the reality will be just as amazing. 266 more words


German reconstruction, Venezuela and physics -- a story of inertia

Why did Germany recover so fast and so beautiful after the Second World War, and what does this have to do with Venezuela, Ukraine and physics? 1,159 more words


Realistic Mario Bros

It goes without saying that Super Mario Bros is perhaps the most inventive video game franchise of all time. Even going back to the very first Nintendo Mario Bros game…An Italian plumber travels through pipes, smashes bricks with his head, eats mushrooms to grow bigger and flowers to spit fire. 33 more words


I'm a meat-loving vegetarian!

I don’t eat meat. I used to eat meat. I ate meat. I don’t anymore. 

I used to make my own biltong. I developed my own recipe. 184 more words


I don't really know how to begin things...


I am really sick…have been for three days…

One great thing about being sick is you dont have to do a lot of work! you just have to lie down on your bed feeling comfortable…rest all is taken care of! 210 more words