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Reality simply gnaws

I love the term “real life”.  It’s like the word “normal”.  It’s highly presumptuous and not at all descriptive.  I tend to hear it used disparagingly- “Well, this is real life.”  I guess that, as a descriptive phrase, it’s thrown at you when you have some fantastical expectations of a situation that could never, in “reality”, be achieved. 497 more words



We all go shopping after Thanks Giving.  We all watch the big game together.  There are so many things we do together and expect and are comforted by doing together.   220 more words

I'd like to be normal, if 'normal' exists

So, I brought out the big guns. This might not look like much at all, but it brings more comfort to me than you could ever imagine. 360 more words


What's in a Name

They stick you with those names, those labels — ‘rebel’ or whatever; whatever they like to use. Because they need a label; they need a name.

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& Such is Life

I decided I should begin to document my life at about age 12.  Then at age 12 ½ I was diagnosed with ADD.  So here I am at 27 starting a blog, funny how life works. 492 more words


Guns & dogs on the train in Israel

It’s Friday afternoon and I am on the train from Tel Aviv to Akko, in northern Israel, to visit my cousins.  Since it’s the last train before Shabbat it’s packed.  266 more words

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