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a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing.
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Susan Greeff


Bliss comes from ignorance, but if that holds true, of what am I ignorant?

I feel well-informed and well versed about almost everything, of what am I ignorant? 145 more words



Something I never noticed before.

It seems there’s a monologue running through my head, a running commentary on things as they happen. Accurate, but biased. I do something, or think about doing something, and the commentary describes how stupid I will look when I attempt it, or that I will fail anyway, so shouldn’t bother. 161 more words


Today I realised something while shopping in a different country…

The diversity of the people who live, work and holiday here.

On one street I saw an Italian restaurant, a Spanish bar, a china shop and a post office, all within 10 metres of each other. 207 more words

No Thanks...

It must be pretty crappy being a bus driver. Especially when you’re a floater and just filling in for a regular driver. On a small neighborhood route the bus drivers are known by name and the riders have formed relationships with them. 154 more words


What a difference 24 hrs makes

Extra antihistamines and new strong steriods and today’s poorly sores looked dramatically different.

So today we did something I don’t actually think I have do with my family in many years we went to dinner mum, bro, my girls and me. 89 more words

Day To Day Ramblings Of Adhd Widow

What Do We Accept As Normality?

I had a great time hanging out with some friends on the weekend from Northern Ireland, the land of lilting accents, the Mourne Mountains and Giant’s Causeway. 347 more words