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Breaking the box..

23:06 p.m.: the perfect time to use my and my best friend’s imagination and figure out how a boring situation can turn into a brilliant habit of thinking. 317 more words

Breaking The Box

Today, as the start of "someday"

I talked about someday and what will it be and realised that it doesn’t matter really how you imagined life, what matters is how you build it. 293 more words


About happiness - someday

Have you ever felt good and peaceful while you knew you were doing something wrong?I have had doubts about myself, my relationship, my everything and I was always staying awake thinking about all of it and how all should be – how all is going to be in the future, I was planning everything and hoping for someday – and I had the perfect picture of someday and the feeling I will have that day. 318 more words


Why do we think abnormalities are bad?

The Open University have a course called “Understanding Dyslexia”. It’s aim is to explain the complexities involved in identifying, explaining and managing dyslexia. Also to identify and discuss the issues that relate to the definition, explanation and remediation of ‘abnormal’ psychological functioning. 156 more words

Really? Craigslist? Girl...

Pop-corn hoes. Microwavable bitches. Disposable partners. You only really use these people for sex, and then throw them away.

I haven’t had much experience in the sex department, granted I’m only 15 so many would expect that I wouldn’t have, or would they? 544 more words

Conventional is not for me

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is impossible” Frank Zappa

There is certainly value is leaving the beaten track occasionally. You’re most likely to find creativity there! 521 more words


Sexual Harassment and the Long Pall of Feminism

The Other McCain brings up a good point here, namely that sexual harassment laws were begun by feminists who wanted to end all romantic contact between men and women. 366 more words