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What a difference 24 hrs makes

Extra antihistamines and new strong steriods and today’s poorly sores looked dramatically different.

So today we did something I don’t actually think I have do with my family in many years we went to dinner mum, bro, my girls and me. 89 more words

Day To Day Ramblings Of Adhd Widow

What Do We Accept As Normality?

I had a great time hanging out with some friends on the weekend from Northern Ireland, the land of lilting accents, the Mourne Mountains and Giant’s Causeway. 347 more words


Life in Limbo

Treatment finished five weeks ago now. I am relieved that after an arduous fortnight of pyrotechnical side affects it appears the symptoms have managed to settle and although I have a pitiful supply of energy it is good to have a bit more freedom and independence again. 713 more words

Life is like a pencil without an eraser

What defines who we are?

Is it our gender? Our religious practices? Is it our sexual orientation? Or are we defined by groups that we associate ourselves with? 551 more words


Day 34

Society has nurtured and churned you out as you are now. It has taught you to believe and act in ways consistent with its normality. We live in classes and we discriminate based on taught and learned notions and concepts. 94 more words

371 Days on.......

….and I’ve finally got round to blogging again! I certainly hadn’t planned to take time out from writing, but somehow after all I went through during the spring and summer of last year, I never quite found the right time to blog. 200 more words


The unsimpleness of everyday life

by the Doghouse Diaries

Unwritten rules*: nice little example/satire by Doghouse Diaries. The way I read it is that the white lines point out the distance of the other person relative to the one who holds the door (the drawing would work better with persons on). 11 more words

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