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A celebration breakfast

I’ve just been to the shoulder physio and am having a celebratory breakfast as I’ve said my goodbyes. My shoulder has been niggly and there’s still some joint instability, but it is as good as it’s going to get. 279 more words




Normality. The explained social code the human race tries to base its’ core values on. Yet the word is a contradiction in itself. Its’ definition is to conform or reduce to a regular standard pattern. 581 more words


Making a Standard HCl solution for Titration

HCl namely Hydro Chloric acid is a common reagent used in chemical analysis in Food industries for various experiments including analysis for constituents of foods. 281 more words

Food Science

Why is there no in between sane and not sane?

My recent (brief) mental ward stay sparked this convo which sparked my friend’s essay on mental health care and stigmas. Since I wasn’t suicidal, there was no place for crying little girls. 26 more words

Chronic Illness

Night Time is the Right Time...

Whatever happened to night? When I was a kid, bedtime meant lights out. If I needed (or wanted) a night light, one was plugged into a wall outlet. 164 more words


Neurology vs. Normality

This week has seen my first birthday as a neurologist’s nightmare and marking almost 8 months of migraine! I am free from the confines of the ward and ordered to ‘resume normality’ SLOWLY. 538 more words