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Image: Frolicking by Nick Verron

The roads are suspiciously quiet today. You know why immediately… the school holidays are about over and the next few days will see the return to school that will flood the roads with traffic at rush hour. 873 more words


its weird but the manic of age gap lust is always captured beautifully by film.

and it should and would be easy. because the rawness and the essence of every… 38 more words

The "Normal Body", its Construction, and its Abolition.

written for a brief test for a 100-level Women’s Studies paper at the University of Auckland in August 2014.

The “normal” body is obviously a highly contentious issue. 734 more words


Day 21 - 30 Day Transgender Challenge

Song that I am listening to while writing this post:

You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife! by Capture The Clown

Your views on the cis-gendered community? 36 more words


I feel nothing. Is this what it's like to be normal?

It’s been a while since my last post.  I made it to the Jesuit Center for the silent retreat.  The retreat that my friends and family chipped in for because I have medical bills coming out of my ears.   329 more words


Day 11556 on earth

I’ve just googled how old I am in months (379.7!) and days hence the title of this post. The thought occurred to me to do the while lying in the bath at 4pm in the afternoon trying another remedy to restart my brain which didn’t involve either drinking heavily or resorting to other unhealthy methods of relieving the internal battle……. 270 more words


I keep thinking of things I want to write about but by the time I get home to my computer, I’ve forgotten what I had thought about…