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The Power of Play

I found a really great article showcasing how child life specialists use play to get their job done. I think it’s awesome that Philly.com wrote this article because play is the roots of child life. 16 more words

Child Life Specialist

Could Watson Be Used to Dynamically Create Databases

Data collection,cleaning, and presentation are a pain, especially when dealing with a multitude of sources. When APIs aren’t available and every step is taken to keep people from getting data, it can be incredibly tedious just to get the data. 160 more words

Data Extraction



Fifth Normal Form (5NF)

These relations still have a problem. While defining the 4NF we mentioned that all the attributes depend upon each other. While creating the two tables in the 4NF, although we have preserved the dependencies between Vendor Code and Item code in the first table and Vendor Code and Item code in the second table, we have lost the relationship between Item Code and Project No. 180 more words

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Removing unwanted variation (from the literature)

Nature Publishing Group claims on its website that it is committed to publishing “original research” that is “of the highest quality and impact”. But when exactly is research “original”?   2,999 more words


Precious Metals: Tuesday 09 September 2014

Written at 00:20 London Time

Gold finished the day pretty flat after falling to a three month low of $1,248/toz earlier. The dollar continued  to rise and reached a new high in so far as it has been emerging as the safe-haven regarding political turmoil and geopolitical tensions around the world. 344 more words

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Boyce-Code Normal Form (BCNF)
  • A relationship is said to be in BCNF if it is already in 3NF and the left hand side of every dependency is a candidate key.
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RDBMS Concepts & Normalization

What is a database?

– organized collection of meaningful data

– data easily accessible

– data easily manageable

– data easily updatable

DBMS: Database Management System… 985 more words

DW/BI Concept