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7 Reasons why I hate queueing up with you

1) You only play one role

You end up in draft pick with me and start arguing about who is mid now, and instead of communicating, and maybe going jungle, you dodge the queue, making ME  wait another 5 min so i can queue up again with you, just to end with 2 mid picks, or an ADC by my side, who could have gone top or jungle, but was forced to ADC with me now. 524 more words


Custom Split Normals - First Testbuild Available

So, to change a bit from FBX, something funny this time! :P

Here are three links on Graphicall.org for testbuilds of current Custom Split Normals state of work: 436 more words


3D Printed Earbud | CoolBusinessIdeas.com

The fit on earbuds varies wildly, largely because each person’s earlobe is a unique and beautiful snowflake. Okay, maybe not beautiful. But if a pair of earbuds matched the exact shape of your ear, the days of painful buds that fall out too easily could be numbered. 108 more words

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