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The Walking Dead Episode 507: "Crossed" Recap

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from previous episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Proceed at your own risk.



The Walking Dead – Crossed

There are definitely major spoilers in this recap and review.

After three episodes that shifted focus away from the main group led by Rick, “The Walking Dead” catches back up with itself and fits all the pieces together. 914 more words

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'The Walking Dead' Cast Brings Us The Touching Thanksgiving Story We've Been Waiting For

When you think of The Walking Dead, you mostly think of fierce zombie killers who will go to any lengths to survive, even if it sometimes cost the lives of strangers. 342 more words


I can’t quite read Norman’s expression here…

Skatz: It’s concern. He’s wondering if the photographer will notice he “accidentally” pooped my pants when he stands up. Again.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 "Crossed" Recap

Welcome to the first The Walking Dead recap here on Pop Goes the World!

I want to start by saying that I do not read The Walking Dead comic books and therefore these recaps will not often mention them. 2,810 more words

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What’s Norman got in that bag?

Skatz: A piece of bacon from breakfast that he named Jacob.