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An apple a day…

Skatz: Keeps that lice away!

J/K, he’s got a head full right now. He caught them from his bush.

Star Focus - Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus

Trademarks: Sunglasses

Age: 45

Number of Roles: 60

Biggest Role: The Walking Dead

Awards: He won New England Film & Video Festival award for best acting performance for ‘Floating’. 435 more words

Star Focus

His face looks a little softer here…

Skatz: That’s what happens when you smoke Virginia Slims. You lose testosterone.

Trying to figure out who Norman reminds me of here…

Skatz: Roger Daltrey from the 60’s or your lesbian neighbor Pam?

Norman knows how to layer.

Skatz: Norman likes to wear all his clothes to the laundromat so he doesn’t have to carry them.

The package he’s carrying is his latest shipment of Depends. 8 more words