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Video - Martinville Ridge

This was a short, goofy game.  I started out with a solid attack as the Allies, only to watch it all unravel as the Axis vaporized two full tank units in a single turn.

Memoir 44

Scenario Review - Martinville Ridge

Martinville Ridge is the second scenario in the “Breakthrough” campaign in Campaign Book 1, by brumbarr44, for Memoir ’44.  It’s a quick and nasty battle in which the Axis player has the resources to come back from almost any situation – just like a number of the Normandy scenarios from the first Campaign Book, actually. 614 more words

Memoir 44

Scenario Review - Withdrawal from Hill 112 - With Video!

Withdrawal from Hill 112 is a Normandy scenario for Memoir ’44 from Campaign Book 1.  It’s the third scenario in the Flanking Caen mini-campaign.  All four of the Flanking Caen scenarios are interesting and reasonably balanced scenarios, pitting a slight Allied lead in overall forces against a very aggressive, and potentially lethal Axis force.  727 more words

Memoir 44