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Normative as dance images on #WordyMonday #photography

I’ve decided to continue WordyMonday with a few small changes. I still plan to interpret a word with a dance image and would still love suggestions but I’m going to write about how it relates to the news, contemporary culture or science. 525 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography


Dear Internet,

Mama says that she might need to get a bit quicker on the uploadey button because oh my goodness, like, these pictures are clearly from LAST SUMMER. 73 more words

Entitlement to Imperfection

Sometimes, when we look through tinted glasses
Are we not staring at, who believe they look into nothingness?
Sometimes, when we apply brakes to the car… 97 more words


Facts or Values?

Normative concepts are often described as values; they refer to moral principles or ideals should, ought or must be brought about. A wide range of political concepts are value-loaded in this sense – liberty, rights, justice, equality, democracy, tolerance and so on. 456 more words