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Parenting from a Parented: On Racism & Bullying

What follows is a response to a discussion that formed from a post on Facebook concerning a friend of mine’s child and the child’s unfortunate encounters with racist bullying at school. 493 more words


The internet wins again.

Another piece I did for Normative! (click to enlarge) Technically there were about 9 different drawings, but this is a little combo platter I made for my portfolio site. 141 more words


Super Computer

I did a sample piece for Normative, one of Toronto’s loveliest design agencies (firms? gangs? What’s the word here for a group of designers in a big office with a glass conference room that I once, without thinking, flipped the double bird through to two OCAD pals who were inside in a professional meeting. 81 more words


Doing leadership: Just tilt your head and strike a power pose… apparently.

A friend of mine came across a recent article on leadership and thought it might be of interest to me. Its title is ‘Connect, Then Lead’ and it was published in the Harvard Business Review last year. 1,102 more words

The Social Identity Approach