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Stiklestad Day

In 1030 Olaf Haraldsson (Olaf the Lawbreaker) was killed at the Battle of Stiklestad. Olaf was known for killing, maiming, and exiling his fellow Norwegians who would not convert to Christianity. 17 more words


Musing over Mead Pt. II

A regular at the Honey Kopp, Darrath knew better than to spoil his home turf and by in large, he did his bäst to remain cordial to those like the skittish-eyed Abjǫrn kolbrún and the skull-cleaving dragon of bedlam Ormhildr hausakljúfr. 1,556 more words


Forces and Objects in Nature

One of the things I’ve been researching lately are the Germanic/Norse runes, specifically the Elder Futhark runic system. An important character in the story I’m writing with my brother uses these runes in both her professional and personal life. 1,154 more words


The Viking Dress

So, this is what I’ve been doing for the weekend, lest anyone wonder where I disappeared to. Making and wearing my new Viking dress.

It is made of two weights of cotton fabric, a lighter one for the underdress and a flannel solid for the apron dress. 97 more words


Viking Camp Norway 2014

Gudvangen in Norway is very special to me. It was here in 2011 that gave me a home when I had none. I lived barefoot in a Viking tent for most of that summer and reconnected to this ancestral land, the Valley of the Old Gods. 7 more words

All or Nothing - The Wyrd Rune

The runic alphabet has undergone very few changes over the millennia it has been in existence.  While there are differences in the shapes of some of the symbols, the variations are geographical, and don’t change the meaning of the symbol itself. 497 more words


Gudvangen Norway Viking Ship.

Just got back from the Valley of The Old Gods with the tribe.

One Love.