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Message from Ms. Hilario

Hey guys!

Thank you for visiting my blog and exploring my site. I appreciate all of your support, and it pains me that I haven’t really been posting any new material lately. 127 more words

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Project #2: Norse-Colored Necklace

I’ve been working on a bead netting necklace for about a week now using deep translucent blue and opaque white seed beads.  I was just interested in learning the netting technique and liked the color combo, but as I worked a bit more at it, I realized the colors were incredibly similar to a lot of the color combinations we see on Norse jewelry. 305 more words


Valkyrja: Meta update

I got around to my finishing the backbone of my timeline, yay. Got the major scenes down, now I’m going to get into the details and fill the gaps. 26 more words


Know your Mythology

Word of warning people, mythology is hard to nail, and in fact it takes a few years to actually accumulate such a collection of mythology that you can say you know something about it. 206 more words


Winne the pooh, and Loki too

Chapter twenty-one

In which Pooh goes looking for Christopher Robin, and finds some gods

“Begone impudent omnivore!” Thor commandingly shouts to everyone’s favorite bear.

“I’m terribly sorry. 613 more words

Short Stories

Ever Southward

Now we change to a different map of the North Island, momentous occasion. The county opens up to a wide brown plain, and we can actually do 100km/hr. 686 more words


CoBrA Thor


I love simplicity and also mythology so I suppose it was only a matter of time before I tried emulating the CoBrA ‘style’. The CoBrA movement, which thrived from 1948 – 1951 produced many different styles of art – the things they had in common were links to ‘primitive’ art and mythology, and styles reminiscent of children’s pictures. 53 more words