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Doomsday, Kindle countdown deal- Final Day

The huts are gone. The green lawn beside the stream holds only an echo of their fallen carcasses. Their fires sleep forever in shadow. Voices whisper only in the wind. 739 more words


Nordic Inside Design

Scandinavian, Scandi, Norse Minimalism…there are as many names for Nordic inside design as there are variants of it. Characterised by white partitions, mild picket flooring, a constrained hand in styling and an abundance of pure mild, the Nordic self-discipline has college students the world ov…

Doomsday, Kindle countdown deal- day 4

…Ben grimaces painfully as he considers my latest work of art.

“There are two spears,” he says rather dismissively.
“Yep, well spotted, there are indeed two spears.” 427 more words


Lore Ipsum: Divine Whims

Hello! Today’s cards deal with the odd quests of gods to fulfill their odd whims. 575 more words



wayward Gods
adoption clinic
none welcome

Chainmaille Increases and a Bishop's Mantle

Chainmail bishop’s mantle is moving along.  Far more slowly that anticipated, but that happens when you try to work with a kitty on your lap. 147 more words