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Video: 1980s Nortel Logic-1 Telephone

plugin for my new YouTube Channel on old tech, check it out!

Topical: On Voice Mail

I thought I’d share my thoughts about voice mail as it was reported earlier this week that Coca Cola to cut costs because everyone is going wimpy on the healthy diet; that one of the cuts would be their voicemail system. 821 more words

Bagnall: Nortel allegations finally fade away, with no apologies and no blame laid

Imagine that you had been fired a decade ago, sued for fraud by securities regulators on both sides of the border, then charged with crimes you had not committed. 934 more words


Happy Christmas - the (Patent) War is Over

Just as during every Christmas season, John Lennon’s famous song lines “Happy Christmas …War is Over, if you want it …” are heard daily and this was no different when just before Christmas Eve, the song fit amazingly well to the news of the day. 326 more words

OSC withdraws securities allegations against former Nortel executives

TORONTO – The Ontario Securities Commission has closed its investigation into three former Nortel Networks executives who were acquitted of fraud last year.

The regulator says it’s no longer in the public’s interest for it to pursue the allegations against ex-CEO Frank Dunn, ex-CFO Douglas Beatty and ex-controller Michael Gollogly. 86 more words


Create loopback/console cables

It’s an easy stuff, but there are a lots of false info out of the internet, so I collected, how to create correct cables.

I’ve collected a few pictures, and the create the cables. 19 more words


Nortel -- Five Years On

We have all experienced this. You read or hear about something that occurred years ago and your immediate reaction is one of utter surprise. “What do you mean that happened in 2009? 113 more words