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janvier 2011

Lors de mon passage dans les Rockies, j’ai pu louer une voiture et je suis partie pour quelques jours dans l’Utah. Bien sûr, je n’ai pas pu aller bien loin à cause des humeurs de ma CB.   168 more words

North America

How flat can a valley be?

Adventures of a Kiwi exchange student

“The beauty of travel, as of love or terror, is that it regularly turns all your ideas on your head and reminds you that you really know nothing at all.” 745 more words


10 Archaeological Discoveries Made Possible By Global Warming

As bodies of ice retreat around the world at incredible rates, one benefit is for archaeologists and history lovers as previously buried and lost ancient artifacts are uncovered and found. 2,085 more words


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate muliplayer is region free between North America and Europe

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan and have been disappointed about the past few games being region locked should be happy to know that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate… 80 more words


The integrity of oil and gas wells

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 111 no. 30:10902–10903

Robert B. Jackson

Public concerns about oil and natural gas extraction these days inevitably turn to hydraulic fracturing, where millions of gallons of water, sand, and chemicals are pumped underground at high pressures to crack open rocks. 2,208 more words

Shale Gas Fracking

Two women miraculously survive being run over by a train

One of the women trips and falls in her panic to escape the train. Credit: The Indiana Railroad

Two women have miraculously survived being run over by a train when they were trespassing on a railway bridge in Indiana, USA. 143 more words


Dead child's body discovered in US Air Force plane

A child’s body was discovered in a US Air Force C-130, similar to this one. Credit: Reuters

The body of a dead child has been discovered in wheel well of a US Air Force plane that landed in Germany, NBC News reported. 97 more words