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North American Union ... And So It Begins

By Daily Bell Staff Report – January 07, 2014

“Directed history – that’s the phrase that comes to mind. Create a treaty to force trade in a certain direction and then use the results to make the argument for a… 150 more words


Illegal Immigration? Check Your Premises

“Killing me softly.”

By Daily Bell Staff Report – April 02, 2014

Moving in Opposite Directions (excerpt)

. . . All three branches of the US fedgov have come unmoored from representative democracy and are actively promoting globalism under the approving eye of the power elite. 520 more words


The True Reasons For NAFTA and CAFTA Become Clearer

 “Managed Trade,” Not “Free Trade.”
Advancing the North American Union (NAU) – We Told You So

By Daily Bell Staff Report – February 24, 2014… 136 more words


Is The Fed Providing "Encouragement" To Entice Countries To Join TPP?

“The Fed offered to bail out Mexico, if it would agree to join the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Free trade deals have nothing to do with the Fed’s mandate.” 46 more words


Anatomy of an economic debacle: How the Fed proposed bailing out Mexico to pass NAFTA

The inside story of how the supposedly “above politics” bank lobbied — and facilitated a currency and trade crisis
By Matt Stoller  at SALON

The Federal Reserve is supposedly an independent central bank, that we’re told is above politics. 95 more words