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Buffalo NY Horse Lovers, Shovel out and Trail Ride in NC

Yes, I have lived near Buffalo, and have had to refrain from trail riding, and have had to shovel my way to the barn.

As a North Caroliner since 1995, I can safely say there is a better life.   51 more words

November 24th: New Food Truck Radar

Monday is considered a news day on The Wandering Sheppard.  Each week New Food Truck Radar will show some of the new food trucks hitting the streets or on the streets that you may not recognize. 910 more words

Food Trucks

Coffee Appreciation Post - Counter Culture and New World Coffee House

As some of you may know I used to work for the corporate coffee conglomerate known in my social circle as “Starsucks!” and it was a grueling and disgusting three years that if you ever have the time I’d love to discuss with anyone. 385 more words


Federal Register Highlights - 11/24/14

Unpublished, time-sensitive and proposed rules for November 24,2014:

TEMPORARY RULE: The Coast Guard has issued a temporary deviation from the operating schedule that governs the CSX Transportation Railroad Swing Span Bridge across Three Mile Creek, mile 0.3, at Mobile, Baldwin County, Alabama. 987 more words

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more joy, encouragement, and exciting news from Wake Forest

KEEP THE LID ON! Monday a week ago I wrote (2 Prayers and a Small Miracle) that I had to wait 24-hours before I was allowed to say anything about a particular moment of joy from Sunday Nov 16 at WFPC. 549 more words

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