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Neglected Paradise: India's North East

Handling of North Eastern India by the successive Indian governments over the past seven decades has been one of the saddest stories of free India. And, thanks to such apathy, a region abundant in natural beauty, resources and home to some of India’s most hardy and beautiful people has been converted into a challenge instead of a proud asset to the country. 959 more words

Indians & Racism

While we create huge fuss when treated differently in a western country and scream for equal rights, the same we do to our own fellow countrymen & visitors all the time. 121 more words


Point to be noted - Northeast India is a part of India!

Yes you heard me right. Northeast India is a part of India!

I am equally sad to make this statement. But some Indians have conveniently gotten away with geography classes in their school days. 286 more words

Writing My Way

Somewhere over the Rainbow: The Road to Tawang, Part I (West Kameng District)

Even I couldn’t have dreamed up a moment so perfectly surreal or a place so bewitchingly beautiful. Filled with glittering rainbows, thundering waterfalls, mirror-like mountain lakes, wild orchids, flower meadows and meandering river valleys, Tawang is an untouched and pristine land that inspires indescribable wonder. 1,062 more words


An Assamese Lunch with a twist

Assam, to the northeast of India, is the state I was born. We are a laid back people with simple tastes in life as well as in food. 1,341 more words


The Lake of Parasuram

This article was written in 2006, when my son was 7 months old and my husband was not yet a golfer…

Fridays have always been exciting for me—a hangover from the pre-Tea days, when Friday led to the weekend, two whole days of driving to unknown destinations, partying and shopping. 778 more words

Roads Less Travelled

The mysterious land in India called Mizoram

My heart almost stopped fearing the worst. Until few seconds before landing, you will not know if your flight is crashing onto the trees or landing safely on the airstrip. 551 more words