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DRC: Goma Focus or the Awakening of the Local Cinema

Cinema Group leaders in Goma use the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) Goma Focus program, a night dedicated to local films, to further develop their careers. 231 more words


Great Lakes media review for May 30 - June 8, 2014

Note: This week’s media review is focused on the press coverage of the FDLR demobilization in Kateku, North Kivu, on May 30, 2014, and the responses of various bodies to that demobilization.

North Kivu: Cheka militia occupy four areas of Walikale

Source: Radio Okapi

A militia force led by Ntabo Ntaberizi has occupied Kibati, Busi, and Ndurumo Abulo in Walikale territory (North Kivu). Local sources indicate that these militias impose a tax of 1000 FC (1.1 U.S. 149 more words

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