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Stephen on a deep divide, a far away land, and hair cuts

“We’re finally taking you to see the South; your family can’t wait to see you again – you probably don’t even remember the last time we saw them.” 529 more words


Why does Kim Jong-un want to make good Emmental?

It has come to our attention here at The Stink that Kim Jong-un wishes his countryfolk would learn how to make good Emmental. The Dear Leader therefore sent a crack team of three experts to Mamirolle in eastern France in order to emulate the skills of the French, who do know how to cook up a good slab of fromage. 288 more words


Cold War-Era Spy Plane Hit By Defense Cuts, Unmanned Aircraft To Replace

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U-2 spy plane outlasted the Cold War, outlived its successor and proved crucial a half-century ago when two superpowers were on the brink of nuclear war. 965 more words


Some geopolitical education

When we have a situation like that in Crimea, or as we have had on the Korean peninsula in recent years, I hear a lot of highly uneducated questions. 2,685 more words

Social Comment

North Korea could conduct fourth nuclear test 'at any time' to protest Obama's visit to Seoul, South says

South Korea has warned that the North could be planning a fourth nuclear test to ramp up tensions ahead of President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit to Seoul. 885 more words


Kim Jong Un guida un'esercitazione aerea militare della Korea Air Force

Pyongyang, 23 apr. (KCNA) – Il Comandante Supremo dell’Esercito Popolare di Corea (KPA) Kim Jong Un, primo segretario del Partito dei Lavoratori di Corea e primo presidente della Commissione nazionale di Difesa della Corea del Nord, ha guidato lunedì una formazione di volo della Korea Air e Anti -Air Force Unità 188 onorata Kim Jong Un ha dato l’ordine di cominciare l’allenamento. 90 more words

25th April

1983 Samantha Smith is invited to the Soviet Union by its leader Yuri Andropov – just read about her and feel inspired!

DNA Day (celebrating Watson & Crick’s publication of the structure of DNA). 138 more words