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A seventh country is now being bombed by the regime of Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama

Today Haji Mujtaba reported for Reuters that a senior security official said a U.S. drone fired four missiles at a vehicle, killing between five and eight Uzbek and local alleged militants near the Afghan border in the mountainous region of North Waziristan (Pakistan). 225 more words

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A few months back, bombing, terrorists attack and other splash of insecurities jolted Pakistan. We have FIA building in Lahore, Qisa Khuwani Bazaar in Peshawar attacked multiple times. 501 more words

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Lack of FATA information a problem (Noor Akbar)

We don’t have accurate information about Fata because for many decades, successive governments were not interested in understanding the region, or because they actively wished to construct an image of Fata as an unruly, wild place within Pakistan but yet outside of it.

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Pakistan and the Curse of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

More evidence is emerging that Pakistan’s security establishment is not an omnipotent presence, but rather the victim of what might be called the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice Syndrome… 76 more words

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