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We Are Boston Strong

On Tuesday runners gathered at Dry Creek Trail in Modesto for a Boston Memorial 3-Mile Run.

This was an amazing event put on by RunFit… 92 more words


Roofs or Ceilings: the San Francisco earthquake of 1906

On this day in 1906, a great earthquake struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m.

One of the worst natural disasters in US history — and the single greatest loss of life in California’s history — the quake and the resulting fires killed at least 3,000 people and destroyed over 80 percent of San Francisco. 167 more words


Friendships (3/23/14)

                 I’ve had so many friends in my lifetime, as I’m sure most people have.  People come and people go.  The question that always seems to pop into my mind is: Who is my BEST friend? 329 more words


I can’t believe that I haven’t written anything in so long.  I’ve been so busy making a new life for myself, I suppose.  And now that I feel more grounded, it’s time to make this blog what is was supposed to originally be.  514 more words

Back on Two Wheels

Back when I first learned that I was going to have surgery, the thing that upset me the most, surprisingly, wasn’t the fact that I had to have surgery, but the fact that I knew I was going to miss out on one (and likely two) of my favorite bike-related events; 30 Days of Biking and the Chico Wildflower Century . 323 more words


Eating in Season

Nothing is more delicious than eating in season when ingredients are fresh, flavorful, vibrant and affordable. It’s easy to know what’s in season if you visit local growers, perhaps at your neighborhood farmers’ market! 75 more words



I have moved from my old site. This new site will be strictly travel, fashion, and food! My old website will be still running but that one is strictly going to be about my faith and my journey through life within my faith. 235 more words