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Proofing the Problem (On Northrop Frye, Pt. 2)

Now I may have given the impression that I dislike Northrop Frye’s criticism. This is not the case. Frye often comes to the right conclusions, but in my opinion, he’s a little like the mathematician who stumbles upon the write answer while failing to proof the problem. 355 more words

Is Literary Study a Science? (On Northrop Frye, Pt. 1)

In “The Archetypes of Literature,” Northrop Frye shares his concern about the legitimacy of literary studies. To secure the value of the discipline, we must, he argues, 281 more words

Reading to Conform?

We were assigned an essay to analyze a couple of weeks ago, “The Rear-view Mirror: Notes towards the Future” by Northrop Frye. The essay, at first glance, looked way to long and boring to read. 276 more words

Word and World--My Response to Paul Ricoeur in 2004

 The Word and the World—Responses to Northrop Frye and Paul Ricoeur (2004).

In my ongoing investigation of the analogy between God as creator and artist as maker, I came to an impasse in Northrop Frye’s exemplary work The Great Code. 2,062 more words

Literary Criticism

Sprawl: Once an ideology goes downhill, it becomes too stupid even to understand itself.

If the human race were to destroy both itself and the planet it lives on, that would be the final triumph of illusion.

What one “does” with a university education in the modern world is to return to one’s community and devote one’s life to trying to build up a real society out of it and to fight the mob spirit wherever it is.  Northrop Frye CC 1912 – 1991

Midhurst Secondary Plan

We have no choice about teaching mythology; we have only the choice between teaching genuine and perverted kinds of it.

The aim of education is to be able to distinguish illusion from reality.

Education makes a bad man more dangerous; it does not make him a better man. 13 more words