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Factor X #2 of 4

John Francis Moore // Steve Epting
April 1995

While rival Havok scowls, Cyclops plays the antihero, smuggling a mad Polaris from NYC’s mutant dungeons. Epting, who marries Mazzucchelli’s grit to ’90s over-lineated posing, may be a strong Marvel artist of the Image Era, but oy! 47 more words


Lisa Madigan blocks settlement between Illinois Lottery, Northstar

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has scuttled the deal to sever ties with the company hired to manage the Illinois Lottery, which former Gov. Pat Quinn fired last summer after years of underwhelming financial performance. 8 more words

Wing Test Fit

With the right wing structure completed, it was time to fit it to the fuselage and check for spar and fuse fitting alignment and see how the bird cage of the fuse lined up with the wing root profile.   329 more words

Miscellaneous Wing Projects

A number of various plumbing, electrical, and access issues needed to be completed before covering the wing with fabric.  Fuel vent lines were installed on both wings, fuel ports, sump drains, and site guage fittings were terminated through the wing root for future connections.   108 more words

Finishing the Wing Tip

The Northstar wing has a very elegant wing tip shape.  Instead of the popsicle stick end found on the Piper wing,  the Northstar wing tapers down and back into a graceful rake. 178 more words

Retrofit Your Kitchen!

Our world is full of more ambition and determination than ever before, especially as the up-and-coming millennial generation moves into the “power player” seats of the workforce. 464 more words