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DPF / Gilbert

As I continue to try to not repeat poets and to not split infinitives (eventually, I will repeat, but, for now, it’s fun to see how many days I can go without doing so) I thought I might try something very loosely thematic. 127 more words


John Keats: A poet searching for fulfillment

One of the magical parts of studying poetry is discovering how poets describe what may have before seemed simply indescribable. Through their use of figurative language, through precise choices of words and phrasing, poets manage to speak to their readers in ways that can move them or enlighten them. 1,691 more words

Five Reasons Reasons Why an Arts Degree Isn't Easy

(Specifically from the perspective of an English Literature major)

People have this opinion that a Bachelor of Arts degree is easy, so when I was faced with reactions similar to the one above, especially around the time my first assignment was due and reality of my work load was settling in, I wanted to let my inner Hulk free on the ignorant— 853 more words

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