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Norway: Into the Countryside

No one really talks about Norway. Throughout this year I’ve met many people from all over the world, but have never conversed with anyone about Norway (besides how expensive it is) or as a matter of fact, met any Norwegians.  260 more words

Linköping University

Wrapping Up a Funky, Fresh First Nordic MakerCon

The Norwegians have a history of exploration, inventiveness, and technical leadership, and this past weekend’s Nordic edition of MakerCon highlighted these elements through two insightful days of speakers and workshops. 501 more words


Initial cultural comparisons or just life routine comparisons..

For the past few days I noticed that I keep comparing or referring to China, ironic that though I have to admit even as I am not the biggest fan of living in China at times (a combo of being there too long + career dissatisfaction + getting too comfortable/easy) that it ripples into much of who I am. 167 more words


_58 Autumn Colours with Jan and Mihai


Route map here

Me and Jan planned to go for a couple of hours ride up in Bymarka in the afternoon before I went off up north for round two of construction in the arctic, this time we were joined by another Trondheim local, Mihai. 335 more words


Camping "Friday Fajitas"

Okay I’ve decided to start a series of recipes or what we cook while here. I won’t include amounts or anything since usually as I cook I just rather see what ingredients I need and season as I go! 74 more words


Extended layover and arrival

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese proverb

I have to be honest that I feel that the universe is blessing me, it may be a sign that this new road I’m paving is right (or even the one I need to be on). 279 more words