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Tuesday, 29th July

Norway has some rugged and beautiful changing landscapes that we have heard so much about, they had to be seen. Our Norwegian leg of the journey is a lot of long drives and breath-taking scenery – it starts today. 573 more words

Aurland Restroom in Norway

A restroom for a popular sightseeing and spectacular Stegastein viewpoint.



Bitter cold, with dark winters long,
Such is my homeland,
A place for storytelling and song,
Well suited.
Of Serpent, troll, and dragon,
I’ll speak if you fill my flagon, 88 more words

Thought Rants And More

Weekly photo challenge - Summer Lovin'

I went home to Norway early this summer. I’ve been living abroad for more than a decade. It’s okay. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a restless person that will always look toward the horizon and be tempted by the lesser traveled path. 270 more words


Aberdeen Rain and Daydreams

It is 22.40.  I am sitting in a hotel room in a very wet Aberdeen, staring through the window at the rain falling from the low, foggy-grey clouds, the lights of the airport runway blurred like a smudged watercolour painting, and I am daydreaming.


The right kind of boat

I don’t know anything about fishing boats. Still, I think this is the way they should look.