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The day I met Ulrikke Lund

I remember when Ulrikke Lund (a famous Norwegian blogger from Bergen) had clothing-sale in her back-yard in her home in Oslo. I remember it was a sunny, very warm summer-day, and I took the train over to Oslo, to go to her place, and shop clothes that she wanted to get rid of :) 27 more words


Today's blog is brought to you by the letter... R

As part of my plan for international relocation, I have started taking Norwegian language lessons. I have currently completed 3 weeks of a 10 week course in basic Norwegian at a University in London. 628 more words

Hard R

OCTOBER HORROR PARTY REVIEW #11: Trolljegeren (Troll Hunter) (2010) - dir. André Øvredal

Leave it to the Norwegians to come up with some of the most fascinating concepts in modern horror. Troll Hunter and Dead Snow alone exemplify the rich yet largely ignored cinematic culture that Norway possesses (I’ve yet to see the latter, but it is on my list of horror flicks to watch this October). 565 more words


The Child Bride

Okay I’m many people have seen and heard about the Norwegian Child Bride ad developed specifically to raise awareness about child brides.

It’s a really cool ad concept and everything but is the ad that good of an idea? 137 more words

Black Oceans, part 218

This is a post in the ongoing project to translate Czarne Oceany from Polish to Norwegian.

- … som Sopp, jeg selv har ingen idee, hvorfor.

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Black Oceans, part 217

This is a post in the ongoing project to translate Czarne Oceany from Polish to Norwegian.

- Som dere vet – begynte han, gryntende – implantemodeller akkurat tilgjengelig på markedet lener seg på mønster av Hamaba 6, tilatt selv fra den første loven om neuroimplantasjoner, på grunn av den forbannet konvensjon, som, jeg minner, ratifiserte vi med hele pakketen.

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SHOCKING story about Acne-brand

I just read a horrible article from a Norwegian fashion-site about some news lacked from PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals) secretly filming in rabbit-farmers about how badly the farmers treat the animals, making them suffer and gradually die from the injuries. 296 more words