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Problem starting mongoDB server on Windows 8? Resolved

Everyone is loving NoSQL and mainly MongoDB. I thought to start getting my hand dirty on this. So to start with downloaded MongoDB for Windows and installed it. 209 more words


How to solve rpc_timeout error in cassandra?

Before going through answer i must say you must be aware with basics of cassandra.

  • Most of people always struck with rpc_timeout error so that I,
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Navigating XML Graph using Cypher

Cypher is a neat way to manipulate a Neo4j database. It would be equally amazing if the Xml graph could be queried with Cypher as well. 467 more words


Mongodb architecture: super simplified

Mongodb uses doubly linked lists (DLL) to maintain structure. There are two levels; this does not take into indexing and other features.

  1. Extents: they are similar to a table in a relational system.
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