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#NoSQL Primer

In the buzz word littered technology landscape one that should stand out above the rest for SQL Server data professionals is NoSQL. You by now, have without a doubt heard it, but it may not know what it means and how its altering the landscape we live and breathe in. 1,376 more words

Cap Theorem

Experienced Big-Data Engineer

Position: Experienced Big-Data Engineer

Company: Amobee

Location: Herzlija-Petuach, Israel


is among the world’s largest mobile advertising companies, bringing together supply from operators, handset manufacturers, app stores, media owners and developers with demand from advertisers, advertiser networks and agencies. 252 more words

Big Data Analytics Developer

Position: Big Data Analytics Developer

Company: Kaltura

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


Position Summary

This role will be responsible for the overseeing system design, engineering, and technical development for the foray into “Big Data” and cutting edge Data Analytics for Kaltura’s products and solutions. 338 more words

DBA (Database Administrator)

Position: DBA (Database Administrator)

Company: Bondit

Location: Tel-Aviv


mastery of SQL & NoSQL databases.
experience in building and handling big-data solutions.
good knowledge of MySQL & stored procedures is desired… 156 more words

AjKeyvs Implementing Key-Value Store in C# (1) The Project

I want to implement a key-value store (as Redis) in C#, play with data structures, and practice TDD (Test-Driven Development). I started:


The current structure: 212 more words


Please, No SQL!

For a change, this post is not about ML but about data storage and access. In the dark age, people were forced to store their data with bloated formats like, you know, XML or some binary format that is hard to read and to parse. 395 more words

Writing to a NoSQL DB using Camel

We use a somewhat out of the ordinary NoSQL database called “Universe“, produced by a company called Rocket as our primary data store. We have written our own ORM framework to write data to the DB from Java beans that we have dubbed “siesta” as it is a lightweight hibernate-like framework. 707 more words