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NoSQL Databases Adoption Survey

A recent Methods & Tools survey wanted to know if organizations were using NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Couchbase, etc) ? The results show that 27% percent of the participants have some applications in production based on NoSQL databases.


Spring Data does a Hibernate for NoSQL

So you want to jump on the NoSQL bandwagon? In the RDBMS based persistence, you had the JDBC API to convert between your domain class POJOs and the rows in the relational database. 879 more words


How about a NoSQL database for your front-end?!

In my working on various front-end systems over the years, one thing that I have continually found painful is trying to manage data. Shoving it in some random location, calling the server relentlessly, keeping state where I need not, storing it in DOM — gross. 1,444 more words


Technical Engineer Opening.

Role       : Technical Engineer 
Location: Beaverton, OR

Note: Interested candidate’s can send me their updated resume at kdinesh@prokarma.com or you can also reach me at… 100 more words

The release of v1.0.0 of MyCouch

MyCouch is the simple asynchronous CouchDb and Cloudant client for .Net – building on top of the asynchronous HTTP client and uses JSON.Net to provide flexible serialization behaviour. 1,564 more words


Getting started with graph databases

I have a personal project I have been chipping away on for a little while now. I’ve been slowly adding more and more test data to it and as I do its become increasingly clear that while the data itself is neat, the stuff that is actually interesting is actually the relationships between the various entities and not so much the entities themselves. 1,539 more words