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How to solve rpc_timeout error in cassandra?

Before going through answer i must say you must be aware with basics of cassandra.

  • Most of people always struck with rpc_timeout error so that I,
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Choosing a NoSQL

Many people ask my opinions on different NoSQL databases and they also want to know the benchmark numbers. I guess that readers of this post probably have similar questions. 695 more words



 Sharding was coined by Google and describes the way in which a database is distributed across a network (Chang, et al., 2008).  The approach overcomes the problems of vertical scalability (which RDBMS usually incur), and becomes horizontal.  358 more words


Use Redis as Cache Provider

Redis is an open source, in-memory advanced key-value store with optional persistence to disk. It’s high performance and support for 5 different data-sets makes Redis very attractive technology for different applications. 1,128 more words


Navigating XML Graph using Cypher

Cypher is a neat way to manipulate a Neo4j database. It would be equally amazing if the Xml graph could be queried with Cypher as well. 467 more words


Facts about MongoDB database

Here are some of the facts that I found on internet about the MongoDB database.

Currently in the process of learning about the NoSQL database. 150 more words


When and how to outsource big data managed services

The trick to leveraging managed big data services is determining which projects are good candidates for outsourcing and then finding a service provider that can deliver immediate value while also reducing administrative risks and infrastructure costs.

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