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How To Not Get Overwhelmed by Big Data

Big data, by its very nature, is overwhelming. But by starting small and finding out what works for you, it’s possible to start harnessing today’s massive data flows, and prepare yourself for what comes next: even bigger data. 65 more words

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Old School vs. new school - Its Both!

Excellent article by Wayne Eckerson (most of his are) . We give Data Warehouses a bad name because they have been implemented in a way that does not meet the businesses needs – certainly not from an analytical perspective. 70 more words

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The Essential MongoDb Cheat Sheet

The Essential MongoDb Cheat Sheet

MongoDB is a document-oriented database that is easy to use from almost any language. As of August 2014, MongoDB is by far the most popular NoSQL database. 13 more words


Bye Bye... SQL, Hello! NoSQL

Voltando no tempo, estamos em 1998, ano em que surgiu o NoSQL, que veio romper o reinado do SQL (bases de dados com o modelo relacional). 352 more words

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eBay open sources a big, fast SQL-on-Hadoop database

Online auction site eBay has open sourced a database technology called Kylin that the company says enables fast queries over even petabytes of data stored in Hadoop. 368 more words

Call me maybe: Redis

“Redis is a fantastic data structure server, typically deployed as a shared heap. It provides fast access to strings, lists, sets, maps, and other structures with a simple text protocol. 86 more words


Open Source Distributed Analytics Engine with SQL interface and OLAP on Hadoop by eBay – Kylin

What is Kilyn?

  • Kylin is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine with SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) to support extremely large datasets on Hadoop by eBay.
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