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Te presentamos sistemas de bases de datos Open Source

En el mundo de los IT, siempre los open source son sus preferidos, por las muchas ventajas que estos ofrecen y además por su puesto, por el ahorro que esto conlleva. 195 more words


Data Exposed: An Introduction to Azure DocumentDB

In this video, Ryan CrawCour introduces Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL document database-as-a-service. Ryan and Scott discuss DocumentDB’s feature set which includes rich querying, transactional processing over schema free data, and query processing and transaction semantics that are common to relational database systems. 26 more words


CouchDB - Hyper-V

Tiny, little tip coming. If you as me, are setting up CouchDB on e.g Hyper-V on your local computer at home, you need to fix a three settings. 113 more words


Python Object Wrapper for ArangoDB with built-in validation

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NoSQL is really cool, but in this harsh world it is impossible to live without field validation.

Key Features

  • Light and Simple interface…
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The Misperception of New Technology - Big Data Edition

Big Data is the answer. It will provide the new customer insights to propel your company to the market leader and do so faster, cheaper, and utilize your existing resources. 849 more words


KVClient API for node.js

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This module provides native node.js client access to data stored in Oracle NoSQL Database tables. To work, the module requires to use a proxy server which translates network activity between this module and the Oracle NoSQL Database store using thrift protocol. 71 more words


MongoDB snaps up WiredTiger as new storage engine option

NoSQL fan favorite MongoDB has purchased WiredTiger and its storage engine technology, and as part of the deal snags itself some database stars in Keith Bostic and Dr. 171 more words