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Status Quo

We started this blog to gather ideas for a personalized TV-system based on the Raspberry PI. We drifted a little away from this idea, but we are still interested to build a stand-alone system to deliver personalized TV recommendations. 184 more words

Comandos para manipular o MongoDB / Commands for manipulating the MongoDB

1.Show all databases

> show dbs

2.Create / use database (if exists then use)

> use ecommerce

3. create a collection

> db.ecommerce.products = {name: String, description: String, status:Boolean, price: Number} 57 more words
Banco De Dados

Reorganizing, Rescheduling, and Self Teaching

Hello all again,

So it’s been a while, quite a while actually, since I’ve updated this here blog. I’m happy to say that I have a majority of the functionality of the project manager I’ve been building designed out and prototyped, though I’ve had the issue of feature creep. 481 more words


The role of All-Flash for NoSQL Databases

Traditional databases, like Oracle and MS-SQL, have been around for decades. But thanks to the emerging mega trends of big data, big users and cloud computing, a new class of database is starting to work its way into the enterprise: NoSQL, MongoDB and Couchbase. 478 more words

Data Protection