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Blogging for life

After a very very long time, I feel the urge to blog today. Not because I have news to share or need a channel to vent. 458 more words


Last Glimpses…

The wind blows the last remnants of summer away. Most of the leaves have blown off the trees. They swirl about in doorways and in every nook and cranny. 386 more words



Ever since I remember I was so impatient to grow up. I couldn’t wait to get past those teenage years and all the immaturity that came with it. 291 more words

Today's Art (25th October 2014)

Although I’ve never really studied art formally, I have a lot of great memories of hanging out with the art students in their studio during breaks when I was in 6th form. 65 more words


When I Was Young

(Photo credit: Isabelle Marant)

When I was young,
I felt like I could be anything,
and I dreamed of the impossible.

When I was young, 70 more words


Getting down to business...about Halloween!

Less than a week to go until Halloween!  I’m still brainstorming costume ideas but am still pretty excited that it’s so soon!

Even though I’m not a fan of the whole dress up as a slut trend, I do like being able to wear something that I wouldn’t normally even consider putting on.   337 more words


Admitting Defeat and Imperfection

This weekend sees the end of my first course in the “new” degree program at Bryant and Stratton. I made it through. I have to admit to being disappointed in how I did on tests this time around. 617 more words