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Once a Fan, Always?

REcently I’ve been imbibing in a favorite draught:  horror games.  Specifically games from the survival horror genre.  When I was a child, quite literally a child, my family actually bonded over Resident Evil (the remake on the Game Cube).   324 more words

Sepia Saturday

This week’s prompt inspired me to look for vintage Macy’s Thanksgiving’s Day Parade photos. The parade began in 1924 and features lots of huge balloons of popular characters. 12 more words

Blogging Challenge

Rose Murphy - The Chee-Chee Girl

If ever there was a performer who could bring a smile to just about anyone, it was Rose Murphy. A skilled pianist and disciple of Fats Waller who could hold her own in any company, she rose to fame in the 1940s mostly because of her irresistible singing style, which featured a kewpie-doll voice along with some odd sounds that took scat singing in a completely different direction. 306 more words


Why is this so difficult?

These days have found me adrift in a smoky quagmire of nostalgia, pleasure, and still-lingering resignation to disappointment in life. It’s not that I’m bemoaning my life or finding useless things about which to complain- regardless of how I excel in that area. 382 more words

Daily Thoughts

Cheri's Top 10 Asian American Characters

Not gonna lie: As an Asian American, growing up I always, always gravitated towards the Asian characters in any show, no matter how poorly represented or stereotypical, or even how small their role actually was in any given show. 2,130 more words

Diversity In Books