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Nostalgiaween: 6 Films that Summon my Halloween Past

Nostalgia–the internet’s favorite past-time. Besides cats, trolling, and scrolling the endless GIF sets on Tumblr. Halloween as an “adult” tends to activate the sweet tooth for the good ol’ days of All Hallow’s Eve past. 971 more words


156 Sqn RAF - a 15% chance of survival!

Due to high losses, 156 sqn became known as the ‘chop’ squadron and consequently,  morale fell. With a 15%  chance of survival, morale continued to be an issue and the station was stood down for a short period. 40 more words


A Lion in Your Lap

We don’t often go to movie theaters; we usually wait to watch them at home in the comfort of our recliners and our cocktails.  There are however certain movies that you must go to a… 380 more words


Why Do People Worship the Baby Boomers?

In “Blinded By Nostalgia“, Yuval Levin looks at lingering narratives about the future that are left over from the post-WWII anomaly (“America’s postwar strength was a function of unrepeatable circumstances.”) that was cheap oil, a perceived social consensus, and near-global dominance. 170 more words

Tales of All Hallow's Night

My first Halloween night in upstate New York was spent hiding from angry children.

The holiday was never one I really followed when I was growing up, coming as I did from an ultra-religious family where to speak of ghosts was tantamount to swearing. 1,048 more words


Memories That Overshadow Movies

About five years ago, I was showing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to a room full of high school seniors. We got to the scene where the monster (Robert DeNiro), who is now at the point where he has Victor Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) by the throat and is forcing the good doctor to make him a bride from the tattered remains of Helena Bonham Carter. 732 more words



the old priest said
the same five things
will happen still:

crusty rings around your bread;
a curtsey and a robin’s egg
the wind will blow westward, hard; 193 more words