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Missing you.

Today is a gloomy day — I’m not sure why, but this vague sense of unhappiness has descended over me like a lame metaphor about clouds and sadness. 384 more words


The Legacy Of Jimmy C. Newman

When he died earlier this year at age 86, Jimmie C. Newman was still making occasional appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, where he’d been entertaining fans for more than a half-century. 305 more words



More views of my favorite old fire engine. I know, on one level, that he is an inanimate object. A truck. Metal and glass and rubber. 106 more words


Six years.

It’s been six years. Six damn years. Since what, you ask? Since I started my degree at Canada’s #1 University (according to MacLean’s Magazine). It feels  a lot longer than six years, and yet at other times, it feels like barely any time at all has passed. 421 more words



I hadn’t had a chance until today to upload some video I shot of Peter Noone & Herman’s Hermits at the NY State Fair this past Monday, August 25th. 193 more words


Mount and Blade (PC)



The night is wet and cold. You’ve surrounded the city of Veluca with your group  of loyal and trusty warriors. You’re wearing the best armor and weapons money can buy and are the first climbing the ladder to mount the walls. 1,210 more words

Moti has a good relationship with the soccer gods

I just can’t stop thinking about the game I saw yesterday. Looking for a game in the background to kill office noise, Ludogorets and Steaua Bucharest were the only ones still playing in extra time to decide who would go to the Champions’ League group stages so I listened, and as the never-happen-anymore events built up I realized how lucky I was. 574 more words