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Nostalgia vs. Current Values

How do you strike a balance between nostalgia and conscious changes you’ve made in the kind of media you consume?

Some days, when I am really future- and child-focused, I feel like I have no need for entertainment nostalgia: I imagine an electricity-lite life full of nature and community involvement and creative play. 96 more words


The things I missed In July

You shouldn’t mourn my death, my time was consumed by worthless pursuits. You shouldn’t answer when I call, the power of your prose breaks my heart anew. 114 more words



A few years back I took a class on fashion history. One of our text books claimed that fashion trends change dramatically every ten years. (Duh.) But their point was that whatever was in style ten years ago is at the height of being out of style today. 464 more words

Hello World!!

What happened to me?  Where have I been?  Geez, I am asking myself the very same thing.

I have not posted since our last day in Rome, October 22, 2013.  418 more words

Nostalgia for a Daydream

I miss fireflies
Because I’ve never lived anywhere
I could watch them at night
I long for the day when I do
Live in that place… 10 more words



In both my The Simpsons: Bart vs the World and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse reviews I have made frequent mention of how in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras there was a torrent of uninspired platform games that only sold because it starred a licensed character. 500 more words