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Bits of nostalgia.

Having lived in this world it becomes impossible to deny at some point encountering an “I love you” that was actually a goodbye

We have all tasted the kisses that whisper “I’m sorry” 58 more words


Am I Too Young for Nostalgia?

The simple answer to the question above is…well…yes. I’m 25 years old, so I am most definitely too young for nostalgia. Yet, the world has changed rapidly since I was a child. 591 more words


Top Nostalgic Songs from Malayalam Films, Dramas and Albums

Nostalgia is a universal phenomenon. A Malayalee also goes through the same. What is unique to Kerala is the large number of families being raised with one of the parents migrating outside the home state to give a better living standard for their family. 231 more words


singing in the floor fan in my room

organizing rocks that I have found

ice cream in our freezer to consume

bare and calloused feet upon the ground… 219 more words


E olha quem voltou...Hilary Duff

Lembram da Hilary Duff, a ex-Disney que todos amam, então, ela ficou fora do mundo da música desde 2007 quando seu último álbum de estúdio intitulado… 290 more words




I was slow to catch on,
genealogically speaking.
My fifth-grade world was schoolbooks,
bubble gum and jealousy, early lipstick,
and ice cream in small cartons… 213 more words

Radio XXXIXL, side A, track 9: "filler music"

Oh, KISD FM, one reason that I would probably never be able to make it as a radio DJ is that it seems like you always have to be on.  352 more words