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20 December 2001 [2]

On the way to work I spent some more time thinking about the brothers story/script/whatever. Some good ideas came out of it,but I need to really toy with it some more. 584 more words

Twelve Years From Now

We were there when the sun shone in just that way that it never will again. We set our hearts on what we knew could never be and ran as the darkness swelled around us. 323 more words

Rae Smith

Nostalgia 2

“nostalgia is the repetition that mourns the inauthenticity of all repetitions and denies the repetition’s capacity to define identity”.

 S. Boyn, Xvii

I remember my Mother, She...: could never get out of bed in the mornings… 92 more words

A Snowman

I was four.

I built a snowman.

That year the snow was heavy.

I watched it whip the windows.

One morning it stopped.

The crunch of my wellies… 106 more words

Creative Writing

Correlations in Pop Culture: Style in popular music and the twelve Doctors Who, PART ONE

WARNING: Strong suspension of disbelief required; please abandon article if unable to indulge whim, fantasy and acknowledgement of great hair.


On the assumption that Doctor Who is indeed real and potentially amongst us as we speak, traversing the breadth and depth of time, what lasting effects has his influence had on popular culture? 1,748 more words

Really Dumb Shit

My Front Door - a nostalgic look back

My Front Door

Inspired to write this after reading about Yale having a new blog and running a competition to win a new front door I have tried my best to find “Front Door Stories” good enough to win! 384 more words


Intellect Introspect

I tried to sleep a bit ago, my mind abuzz with all the events of today, once more, she eludes me, that dream region. I wish to simply take haven in that ethereal realm where dreams are nothing more than reality. 1,737 more words