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[News] Annie Lennox Kembali Dengan Album "Nostalgia"

Annie Lennox kembali lagi! Kali ini dia sedang mempersiapkan perilisan album “Nostalgia.” 66 more words


Day to Day Poetry #17

Discovered a new part of Toronto,
where a redhead stared out a window wistfully,
commenting on how nice the weather was despite the rain,
and a young couple looked for bachelor apartments, 46 more words


Dear Baby Me: November 13, 1995

Dear Journal,
I can’t stop thinking about Jack Kelly. When I try not to, it works – for about 1 minute. I want to meet him soo bad. 422 more words

Dear Baby Me

We the People

I have heard almost a thousand times “it is weird not being back at Foothill” over the past few months. People cried at graduation at the thought of leaving Foothill and the people around them; I know people who still feel as if we are going back to high school after a long summer. 884 more words


Why is fundamentalism so attractive?


There is this social myth going around that if you ‘stand for nothing, than you fall for everything’, however, if you start with nothing, then you have the opportunity to create something.

151 more words

Twice I have Loved You

“Forgive the interruption,” said the old man,

“but you remind me of someone.

Sixty years ago. She was quiet,

listening always. Her steps were ghostly… 113 more words


Fall memories

Fall always makes me melancholy, and more apt to flights of fancy. I’ve always felt as though the fall opens a world of possibility – perhaps the remnant of so many years of schooling, where every fall implied new classes, new challenges, new people and new opportunities. 775 more words