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Pudding of Relativity

You thought I was joking about that caption didn’t you?

You’d be right.

I will talk of neither pudding nor relativity. Instead, we’re going to talk about nostalgia. 361 more words


Nostalgia. What a word. I’ve always loved the way it sounds. Pretty musical. It has a certain appeal to it. Or perhaps because it’s a strange word in itself, I’m attracted to it. 163 more words


Are You a Female Young Messiah?

Every couple of years there’s a seemingly ordinary afternoon or evening where I break down and lose the plot. I always end up lying in the bath until the water has gone cold, listening to music from years ago to remind me of all the people I used to be. 6 more words


Whitewashed History in Pleasantville

Gary Ross’s 1998 Pleasantville has a singular narrative purpose: to reveal that American nostalgia for the stifling, idealized small town presented in 1950s television shows is a dangerous fantasy. 575 more words

Film Reviews

I (sorta) saw The Beatles last night.

Last night I went to a Beatles collective concert for the album Let It Be. Sure it wasn’t technically THE Beatles but it is the closest thing I will ever get to see the fab four live. 379 more words


The Impossible Series

In the event to start blogging more, as I am in the process of rebranding, I’ve decided to show my Impossible film series here. I hope to create a zine of this work someday, and this will force me to think about sequencing and the like. 95 more words


Radio XLVI, side B, track 6: "(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me" by Paula Abdul

Oh, Paula Abdul, you know I love you so much, but buuuuuuullshiiiiiiiit.  Ain’t no way you’re gonna convince me that you’re not impressed with anything but the way that he loves you.   801 more words