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Down the memory lane.. 

Not so long ago our worlds were one, & my beautiful life had just begun,

Songs of love played all around,

My true love I thought, I had finally found… 54 more words


The Careful Crafting of Beauty

The rain echoes my sentiments, sweet child of the sky.

Whose eyes glittered the last tears it could cry.

Chestnut hair cascading across porcelain shoulders… 28 more words


My Typewriter

I own a typewriter.  People call it hipster, people call it dorky, people call it nostalgic; I call it finding my inspiration.  It’s a 1940s Royal Deluxe Portable typewriter, in amazing shape, and just a fantastic piece of technology. 316 more words

Thorn in one's side...

It feels scary

Seeing you go,

Letting you go…


I wish I fought this fight harder

But the burden was much too heavy

For one to carry… 74 more words

Three weekends to go!

For the last three years I have worked weekends at a local supermarket. This has meant that at particularly hectic parts of my degree I have been commuting to university five days a week and then spending Saturday and Sunday working too. 425 more words


I woke up this morning with the weirdest sense of nostalgia about high school. I certainly miss aspects of it but this morning I woke up wanting to go back. 240 more words


My Audiobook Creation Exchange listings for TERWILLIGER’S TOMBSTONE TERROR:  A NOVELLA BY EDWARD PETTY (as narrated by Ben Kass) are available at the three links that’re below: 72 more words