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Birthday Bug

Guess who turned one year old today? It’s the birthday bug, Izzy the chocolate lab! Time flies when you’re chewing marrow bones. I suspect that it’s time for a tall, bearded fellow to tell her, “You’re a hairy…Wizard.” And maybe that’s because she hears that everyday. 30 more words

Not A Bug

Food Coma

Today, while still very, very thankful for a wondrous abundance of bug life, I am probably more thankful for very young puppies in food comas. (And isn’t that their natural state half the time?) Really, I couldn’t be more thankful for my dog, Izzy, who came into the family early this year. 71 more words

Not A Bug

Pass the Crazy Pills

One of us was ready for today. Surprisingly (but not really), it’s the one in the picture. 10 more words

Not A Bug

Autumn Blues

I have returned from a nice little trip to the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, it is still fall in New England with all signs pointing to winter. 70 more words

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