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Definitely NOT DEAD and I have a new dress

I’m not dead. Have an update (and hopefully another installment of F**k-up Friday a little bit later, if the internet connection holds out). My internet has been dead however, intermittently, which makes the historian’s life difficult. 84 more words


Sorry Can't Talk, Got Hit By a Car and Gotta Blog About It

20 October 2014

Well, today I got hit by a car. I’m not dead so that’s pretty cool. No major damage either, just some bruising and cuts, but I’ve sustained much worse injuries after mosh pits, or sloppy one-night stands. 835 more words

Just Some Thoughts

No, I'm Not Dead. I Was Just Semi-Comatose.

Greetings once more. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking…

“Who are you again? When did I follow this blog? I thought this girl had given up on the whole blogging thing…” 769 more words

I'm not dead

Yes, I know, I haven’t posted anything here in a while. I’ve been active on Thoughts on Oku Hanako, and I’ve been working on… 712 more words

Geek || Nerd

Peg says, "It's better than being dead."

I’ve been traveling, and not the fun kind. During this time I discovered that a friendship has come to an end. No ugly details – it’s not my way. 341 more words

Rodin Gardens

Broken, not Dead

He remembered that day. How could it be forgotten? He stood amongst rows of comrades. Despite their lowly rank, they were neatly turned out. 203 more words