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Great tool for teams

I’m a big fan of appreciative inquiry because it’s all about accentuating the positive, as the old song says.  When we start by looking at what’s working well, what’s good, and then dream about how we want things to be, what we could create, we take out the fear and threat and resistance that can be there when we focus on “problems”.  83 more words


Lessons in the not for profit sector

Sometimes what you think you’re going to learn from an experience ends up being quite different from what you actually learn.

When I applied to volunteer at the Trussell Trust, it was partly because I wanted find out what it would be like to work within the not for profit sector, as I’ve been contemplating a career change for some time. 464 more words



I am on vacation, I finally decided the other day, and I am glad to be at rest.  Unpaid vacation, true, but my work is also largely unpaid, so that’s no big deal.   1,216 more words


With or Without Cause?: Removal of Directors from the Board

When structuring the corporate governance of a non-profit and its board of directors, one very important consideration is whether a director can be removed only for cause or if a director can be removed without cause.* Often founders of non-profit corporations want to have their cake and eat it too; they want to be  prevent being removed from the board, but want to be able to remove any or all of the other directors if the founder so chooses.  299 more words


The Share Factor: 10 Ways to Raise Awareness by Making Your Content Viral Friendly

Three words: Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) has been going strong for a few months now, benefiting different charities in different countries; most recently the ALS Association in the United States. 556 more words


Anthony: An Advocate For Himself and Others

By: Amy Cavalier, Communications/Development Coordinator

DePaul Supported Housing client Anthony I. was a born advocate.

“When I was a young boy, the little kids in the neighborhood would come to me when something was wrong,” he said. 875 more words


Profit, Not-for-profit higher education, why it should not matter.

There is a relatively constant and accepted view that higher education should be not-for-profit and that for profit institutions are necessarily bad. I always wondered why we have this specific view for higher education, largely endorsed by the media. 737 more words

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