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I have been blessed of having lived a very comfortable life. Always getting what I wanted and never been denied of anything in life. True to the fact that like every individual, I did have my share of troubles or problems whichever way one would like to put it as, but these were just gushing adolescent emotional issues or waves of stubborn teenage streak. 985 more words


Milaana Visits: Bust A Move Dance

Well hello hello! Johan here reporting in on what was an absolutely fantastic visit to Ali Phillips at Bust A Move Dance!

Sometime last week I found myself slowly crawling up the many stairs into the MAD dance house in Brisbane, searching for the location of the fabled Bust a Move (BAM) dance lessons! 438 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but have you noticed that the activists who complaint that Big Business never pays a nickel in taxes are all from organizations that never pay a nickel in taxes?


Week One - Let's Begin

Initial thoughts and feelings about the course and this task:

I’m feeling very positive and am looking forward to this course because of it’s real-world relevance. 324 more words




We did it! We just raised over $3,000 big ones in support of sexual violence survivors, benefiting the fantabulous It Happened To Alexa Foundation… 40 more words

Why your charity needs to be on Instagram. Now!

It’s no secret, I love Instagram. I guess I must be a visual person. For me it also represents a challenge. It’s not easy to grow followers on Instagram… 419 more words


What Every Nonprofit Needs To Know To Comply With Florida’s New Laws on Fundraising July 2014

Blog post courtesy of: Cowan Consulting for Nonprofits, PLLC; providing legal and strategic counsel to nonprofit organizations.

Sign up for the Rollins College Philanthropy Center free webinar on Friday, August 8th – What Every Nonprofit Needs To Know To Comply With Florida’s New Laws on Fundraising. 1,554 more words