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Have you ever, at some point in time, felt you’re just not good enough? You’re just not doing as you should… You’re not doing enough? … 48 more words

That little voice.

Sometimes I really hate to be insecure. All these doubts about yourself.

I really hate that little voice in my head.


I AM Good Enough

I’ve never thought I was good enough.

Always lacking.

If not in knowledge then in willpower.

Somewhere deep in my subconscious I always thought that it was all my fault that I didn’t get better. 653 more words


Assignment #2 Feedback

I did even worse than I did on Assignment #1. Granted, it was only 1% worse (56%, this time), but it was still worse. I wrote this two assignments at the same time, but I felt as if I has written this one better. 287 more words

Afterthought 19—A Poisoned Kiss

Even now after everything you're still his,
light of a false sun defining what you see.
You hear only what he says, not what is,
giving up on the fight for who you'll be. 102 more words

Not good enough? Maybe.

Physical pain is aweful. But you know what’s worse? Physical pain caused by mental pain. This kind of pain , in my opinion, is the worst. 439 more words

A Navel Not

The navel knot

Of not good enough

Sits in the belly

Brood an egg

Of negation bearing


Roosted seeds

No thing to leave

The nest of self… 15 more words