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I didn't reproduce such a positive reaction this time around

I just posted all of my work for a second review in my drawing class and I must say, I feel like shit. During my first review, my extremely dicky artsy fartsy teacher who heavily criticizes everyones’ work and seemingly likes none of our work – gave me a 90/100 on my work. 108 more words


The Goodbye Note

When I was a little girl,
My mother used to say,
“Do kind things for other people,
And goodness will come your way.”

When I was just a toddler, 145 more words

All Posted Content

7 days away

This morning my pastor had a message that circulated the story of Lazarus begin raised to life. I have to explain something to you about me and Lazarus. 704 more words


It only get worse

I am breathing, see, yes. In and out breathing.

I did really bad on a essay, got a C+, I have never gotten a C+ before in English. 197 more words


Afterthought 1—Outtake

Nothing personal, I'm just keeping it straight
the way you wanted, how you asked it to be
so you could be left alone, condemning me
for not being good enough for you to accept
as the lies you tell of me, the waste you hate
you making of me, that nothing you stepped
over in me. 20 more words
Nothing Special


Spring rain
Misplaced in scrolling winds

Quantum tears
Less and severed,
How much substance today?

Waiting fields
With invisible meaning
Rain dries, clouds form… 21 more words


Dim Sum -Sharing experience - Not good enough

Have you felt it ? You are not good enough!

Not good enough to speak for Him, to minister to needs of others, to serve The Lord. 305 more words