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Spring rain
Misplaced in scrolling winds

Quantum tears
Less and severed,
How much substance today?

Waiting fields
With invisible meaning
Rain dries, clouds form… 21 more words


Dim Sum -Sharing experience - Not good enough

Have you felt it ? You are not good enough!

Not good enough to speak for Him, to minister to needs of others, to serve The Lord. 305 more words


Never Good Enough

I have always felt like I wasn’t good enough.

Not Smart enough- Not pretty enough- Not Stylish enough.

I would sit around looking at people wishing I was them,wishing I could have their life. 803 more words


Rabbits on Pedestals

Stuck on my axis

I am patient

Finding balance

Finding reason

Finding myself

I have been running

Chasing what I thought was in one place… 377 more words


I hate him

I hate him. I hate him for making me feel like I am not good enough. Also I am so mad. Why do I always like boys I can’t have? 18 more words

"Damn I'm Good!"

Do you ever feel not good enough?

Yeah, me too. I’ve worked my ass off, taking classes, putting in 125 percent at work, doing freelance projects, putting together pitch letters to send to magazine editors and reading work by other great writers. 423 more words



Time to add my ‘five peneth’ to the ‘soap’s’ list of complaints, the current storylines are at most …..how can I say ….desperate, unjustifiable, damning…. and downright appalling. 67 more words

TV Review