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Writings II

I am a member of this website called hexrpg.com…it’s a “Harry Potter Role-Playing” website, but yet, it really is so much more than that. It is a great community. 786 more words


Not worthy

All I ever ask to God was to meet a girl like her, and when I meet her, all my dreams had comes true.
And then, when I was looking in the mirror I start crying cause I so tiny, and not important, and irrelevant.


In Love

Not good enough?

This summer I told myself that I would make movie shorts to start off my portfolio…

Summer’s almost over and I haven’t done shit. It scares me actually. 128 more words

my dad left my mom today

because my brother is a raging cunt. he literally takes our car, money, anything he can get his hands on. my dad finally got sick of it and left. 292 more words


"You're not good enough" (haiku)

“You’re not good enough” -
I am told this all the time
Now I believe it

Pour être un héros, c'est mon rêve

To be a hero, this is my dream. That’s what my title says, only in the language indigenous of France. All my life, I have dreamed of being a hero . 325 more words


Do you have just have those days – those ‘I’m not skinny, talented, pretty, capable enough’ days? It would be strange if you didn’t. It seems that without fail any woman roaming the earth in the 21st century experiences the thief that is comparison. 347 more words