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The Sun 10 September 2014

The Sun’s exclusive today is about a woman’s boyfriend fathering her sister baby.

Now The Sun is very good at this along with their Dear Deidre column which regularly includes infidelity in a variety of unusual or exciting settings to titillate it’s readers. 234 more words

Is This Really News?

Did The Inky Secretly Snub Greensgrow and Jerry's or am I an Idiot?

Serious question: did the Inquirer secretly snub Greensgrow and Jerry’s, or am I just looking for a conspiracy where there is no conspiracy?

Here’s the context: for the past few weeks, both Greensgrow and… 318 more words


Thermo anounce P2 chip available tomorrow, P3 available the day after

BREAKING NEWS: ThermoFisher who own Life Technologies who own Ion Torrent have announced that the fabled P2 chip for their sequencing technology will be available “tomorrow” and that the P3 chip will be available “the day after”. 109 more words

Not News

Miracle Ebola drug to be withheld until companies figure out how to make money from it

Liberia.  Miracle drug ZMapp, which is said to have saved the lives of two American aid works infected with Ebola, is to be withheld from further trials until pharmaceutical companies figure out how to make money from it, … 128 more words

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Genome to become 110% functional

CAMBRIDGE, UK.  In a revealing interview today, the human genome has revealed that it is going to start to make more of an effort and become 110% functional.  354 more words

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Dan Graur considers career in science

HOUSTON, USA.  Blogger and professional troll Dan Graur is considering a career in scientific research, The ScienceWeb has learned.

Judge Graur became famous in 2013 for his paper claiming to have discovered… 124 more words

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Superman Suffers Stunning Setback

(Strutts News Services) Metropolis

Clark Kent (aka Superman) found himself in a predicament last Thursday in the editing room of the Daily Planet. An unforseen bout of the trots compelled him to run faster than a speeding bullet from the offices of the esteemed publication to his Superprivvy on the outskirts of town to avoid damaging the sanitary facilities of the building. 84 more words