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80% of scientists disgusted at the 80% of scientists who laughed at the 80% of people who think food containing DNA should be labelled

Oklahoma.  In an act of self flagellation not seen since the 13th century, the scientific community are embroiled in an orgy of self hatred after some of them found the results of a survey about food and labelling quite humorous. 201 more words

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So Mr Blobby had a themepark...

Bit of a random one. Everyone remembers who Mr Blobby was though, the character that Noel Edmond made in Noels House Party. If you’re my age, you probably found him bloody hilarious, and if you were some 11 years+ in the 90s you would have genuinely despised him. 207 more words

Oxford Nanopore release breakthrough technology

Oxford, UK.  TheScienceWeb have learned that Oxford Nanopore technologies are to announce a breakthrough new technology at AGBT in Florida next month.

The new “technology” will be roughly human sized, and instead of sequence data, will output well-written and informative articles about the MinION in a format suitable for submission to… 141 more words

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Introducing The 2015 MultiCar BS Coupe

Thanks to the glory of communism, North Korea has what might be one of the lowest rates of car ownership in the world. Although the government doesn’t release official stats, the best estimate is that there are fewer than 30,000 vehicles on the road—in a country of nearly 24 million people.

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Nature to provide open access to articles using NOAT™ technology

LONDON UK.  In a ground-breaking move, the journal Nature is to make all future articles open access through their proprietary NOAT™ platform.

Publishers have been put under increasing pressure recently for publishing important science behind paywalls, ensuring that only the wealthy get to read journal articles that they publish.  133 more words

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