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Pharmaceutical companies wish science would just **** off!

LONDON.  A spokesman for a group of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world has stated that he wishes science would just **** off and leave big pharma companies alone. 231 more words

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Neanderthals just "trailer trash", claim scientists

ALABAMA.  Some scientists have reacted with fury to the news that humans and neanderthals interbred, claiming that Neanderthals were just the ancient equivalent of “trailer trash”. 193 more words

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Satirical news site Genomeweb set to close

NEW YORK.  The satirical news site Genomeweb, which publishes “news” stories about genomics, is set to close down after getting exactly zero laughs in its 17 year history. 210 more words

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Assenomics to release NGS-based test for bad behaviour

SAN DIEGO. Assenomics has launched a non-invasive next-generation-sequencing-based test to detect whether a person is an asshole or not. The test looks for mutations in genes known to be involved in testosterone production, attractiveness, height (shortness) and penis size. 165 more words

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A eulogy

As I was, supposedly, the closest friend of the deceased, the burden of its eulogy has fallen to me. Yet, tragically, even I the eugoogalizer, only considered it to have been a friend in the broadest, facebook sense. 618 more words

EU to save on admin costs by funding exactly the same people it did last time

BRUSSELS.  In a breathtaking move announced on Monday, the EU has decided to save money on grants administration by using its Horizon 2020 programme “to fund exactly the same people we funded last time”. 249 more words

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IBM's Watson cures cancer in record time!

NEW YORK.  Just a day after the announcement that IBM would collaborate with the New York Genome Centre to tackle Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, IBM’s super-computer… 229 more words

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