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Black and White.

I don’t care that at one time maybe there was a chance the summer could have lasted or that I was being prepped for slaughter. 57 more words


What's on the horizon?

I’ve always liked horizons.

They hold a lot of picturesque beauty. Whether it’s a mountain range, a sunset on the plains, the moon rising over a cityscape, a thunderstorm over the ocean…you get the picture. 412 more words



lamplight pinned to the setting day’s pantone code

just for me & every time is a new time this open swamp

full of walkers is glass-half-empty stupid… 277 more words


scored a first-person-shooter movie tie-in

before bed. remember coffee, txt or bravado

fronting stone architecture (design still the

buzzword)? & blood. the scent of aqua still… 144 more words

Snippets, newly minted

The new year is rambling on…

I mentioned a while back that I had submitted a poem that was accepted for an online publication. It is posted here, in… 443 more words


flat sunrise

this the midday cone of water & your grin

a translucent fizzle underneath, prepped &

captured, neutrinos complicit in a perky array

of circumstance. nice. 256 more words

A note

It’s always when I don’t get what I want
that I start to think about what I don’t have.
It’s always when I think about what I don’t have… 155 more words