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all my lover's letters

Cheers to the man that’s kept me up all night.

I found the postcards from a man who I fell in love with once. All of the postcards he wrote and the ones I was supposed to send him and never did. 194 more words

that's a lotta somethin'

Many years ago, I lived in the Crescent City.  

This was in a time of relative innocence before Katrina, before the Saints were consistently good, before Casino gambling was legal, but ….it was not a time before there was good food.   516 more words


Selamat Tidur Sayang.

Tidurlah sayangku, tidur yang nyenyak. Sebagaimana doaku kepada pemilik semesta malam ini. Agar orang-orang yang kusayang dapat tidur nyenyak dan terbangun dalam sehat walfiat.

Tidurlah kekasihku, tidur yang nyenyak. 60 more words

(not) Poetry

Not poetry

just a track i would like to share with you folks :) hope you have a great day and tonight i will try to bleed something on an empty page… 153 more words

Social Media Stinks

Stop trying so fucking hard

to create things out of things that made you happy once.

Every time you make false effort,

it smells like rotting fucking fish. 74 more words


The secret's in the sAuce

My tomato plants are slowly but surely yielding edible fractions. Last week may have been the high-water mark for yield. By Friday, I had ten tomatoes: six of them quite large (fist-size) and four reasonably mature ones (billiard ball size). 497 more words


Grey study: Golden bird line dancing

Up there in the rain!
A Rather magnificent prune
Gill McGrath today Diary