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That's the allergy meds talking...

I am recovering from acute bronchitis…blech…if you ask me, not very attractive.  I’ve been coughing up from the depths of my soul for about 3 days now.   510 more words


If You Turn Your Back I'll Be Waiting to Fly

To tell someone you feel nothing for them 

is a harsh thing

and it sucks more then anything to hear

I always tell myself that people like me  1,181 more words

The Door

Please Leave the Door Open When You Leave.

Maybe my self-perceived strength isn’t that at all,
But an unhealthy barrier I have built to protect my bloated weakness. 112 more words

Not Poetry


I’ve been all about poetry lately. It’s just one of those things that I love. Nevertheless, it’s time I deviate off of that much appreciated course. 376 more words



‘I wish I grew wings,’ said Abigail a bit thoughtfully.
‘Why?’ said someone else. ‘What if you battled depression, thought about topping yourself, but couldn’t jump off a bridge?’ 15 more words

This poem is called ‘10 (with the zero crossed out) easy ways to quit your job’

‘Your husband’s dead,’ said Jim’s boss to Jim’s wife.
‘Oh.’ said Jim’s wife. ‘How do you know?’
‘He fell 105ft out of a building, but I could always check.’ 127 more words


Mary Berry got an email. It was from a young lady in Dagenham.
The lady was sixteen and had four kids. Who she admitted to Mary cooked up a lot of fuss. 150 more words