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Don't micromanage the garden...

I’m not feeling the poems this week, so I thought I would just write…

I think I’ve mentioned here that I like tomatoes.

A poem about growing tomatoes… 463 more words


Note to future doctor self:

1. Honesty, transparency, openness and trust are important in establishing patient-doctor relationship.

2. Sympathize, but learn when to detach yourself from patients. 49 more words

Not Poetry

It’s funny how I can be so great with words on paper, but when it comes to speaking aloud an entire cloud of nervousness rains over me and leaves me drowning and choking on every other word. 

The man who walked

For the first time since those halcyon days of university, I wrote a story. And it doesn’t rhyme. Not one bit. 


He walked. He walked miles, and not just miles but miles in their hundreds. 642 more words



Basically this is a my interpretation of THE MOST PERFECT WOMAN EVER.

Note the my and interpretation in the first sentence. Also note the most  461 more words

Not Poetry

But At Least We Live in the Same Time-Zone

If I were to be jealous, I’d be jealous of Time,
Because it has been your greatest companion,
By recording your first breath
And possibly your very last. 141 more words


The Liebster Award Nomination

Yesterday I was surprised to get my first blog comment (comments still have to be moderated, which has something to do with it, I expect) from… 913 more words