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The Liebster Award Nomination

Yesterday I was surprised to get my first blog comment (comments still have to be moderated, which has something to do with it, I expect) from… 913 more words


I hate those whose deaths made me smile. Feel pleased and relieved. That was no mean feat to achieve. You will rest in peace for yours was the only hell that I was ever forced to believe.

Not Poetry



stretching young barmaid taut tummy skin twirl ice clinking black tee covering where waist had been scotch lip numbing hard cock drumming loose blue jeans the year 2000 2000 and sin… 38 more words

Not Poetry

More Snippets

I was reminded this week that I could update snippets, those that I briefly discussed here back on February 14th. I did that because I felt like it, not that it was a regular featured aspect of this blog (most of which is just rambly poetry things). 516 more words



the meningococcal click bold in the skull’s belfry

a why do anything morning-long pang of regret

unreal acidity rolls around like luggage the

temporary fog was cheeky but only that… 218 more words

This is sort of poetry.

I owe you readers a huge apology, and an explanation. I have neglected this blog for far too long. Allow me to explain with a short free verse poem. 90 more words

Blessed Hope Blog


You entered my bubble
and introduced me to a different form of air,
other than that containing Nitrogen and Oxygen,

They were alien elements, from your world, I suppose, 141 more words