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Grey study: Golden bird line dancing

Up there in the rain!
A Rather magnificent prune
Gill McGrath today Diary


The Son of the Place

Sometimes I feel not the calmness of the soul;
the tranquil place of serenity it rests in
as I fall into my subconscious state of mind, 203 more words


two part harmony

house shadows shuffle & snort the night it

overreaches posting its superfluous hand signals

& incantations it’s inverse emptiness a piece of string

tied to your finger as he skims a stone you sigh… 157 more words

More snippets from summer

What I’m doing.

“On the first day of my summer vacation…I woke up.”

If you recognize that line, you are probably a child of the 70’s or at least a fan of Cheech and Chong (Sister Mary Elephant). 529 more words


Don't micromanage the garden...

I’m not feeling the poems this week, so I thought I would just write…

I think I’ve mentioned here that I like tomatoes.

A poem about growing tomatoes… 463 more words


Note to future doctor self:

1. Honesty, transparency, openness and trust are important in establishing patient-doctor relationship.

2. Sympathize, but learn when to detach yourself from patients. 49 more words

Not Poetry

It’s funny how I can be so great with words on paper, but when it comes to speaking aloud an entire cloud of nervousness rains over me and leaves me drowning and choking on every other word.