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Shocking confession

OMG!!! I don’t know what to say! It seems that after all these years of fooling us, Hello Kitty is …. is …. (gasp)… not a real cat!!!! 15 more words

Turning 22

The fact that it’s my birthday next week is some sort of joke.  There is no way that I’m going to be turning 22 in just over seven days, because it feels like I only turned 21 a few months ago.  198 more words

My Thoughts...

1 Year Later: Control is an Illusion; Just ask Your Body. In a recent dream i realized how little .......

control over my fleshy form I truly have.  I was in a filthy bathroom literally eating opiates; then i would puke and take some more. Then i took some LSD and had a bad trip. 315 more words

For Your Consideration

Check Out the Unofficial "Official" Morrissey Tour Cancellation Shirt

With all the drama surrounding former Smiths frontman Morrissey’s tours, it’s great to know that some people have a sense of humor about the repeated cancellations. 244 more words

Music News

My Bad

Okay, look.

A couple of years ago I got tired of the midwest, okay?

Ducks & deer, Squirrels & egrets, Gulls &  frogs…it all got to be the same and I was frustrated, … 159 more words


The Love That Wasn't To Be.

Christine sat on her luggages with her breaths bated. She checked the time on her watch periodically, with anxiousness plastered all over her face. She looked around the airport hoping for a sight of Brandon but he was nowhere to be seen. 480 more words


Still Waiting...

Today I start my twice a week acupuncture for IVF support, my appointment is in 40 mins and I’m just killing time. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a quick post. 193 more words