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The Love That Wasn't To Be.

Christine sat on her luggages with her breaths bated. She checked the time on her watch periodically, with anxiousness plastered all over her face. She looked around the airport hoping for a sight of Brandon but he was nowhere to be seen. 480 more words


A Tale of Romance (Part Three)

Bryce woke up the next morning, wiped the sleep out of his eyes and walked lifelessly like a zombie into the bathroom. He opened the medicine cabinet and fumbled around with his hands, trying to feel for his toothbrush. 1,070 more words


Dire Wolves! And The Plot Thickens…

Faithful followers, the proverbial crap has hit the fan. Yes, as the title of this post alludes to, dire wolves are roaming the woods of Sun Lake, Florida. 301 more words

A Tale of Romance (Part Two)

The weeks slowly passed. Soon it was autumn, a time of sorrowful goodbyes; when the leaves start to fall and the flowers start withering and die away. 1,013 more words


A Tale of Romance (Part One)

As he walked along the long winding road home; Bryce felt old. It was winter in California. He shivered beneath his coat as he laboured past the thick snow slowly layering on the pavements. 719 more words


a rhyming thing about people

It’s a sunday night and I’m on the floor

I’ve a story to tell even though my plane’s in an hour or so

Do you remember that night when it all kicked off, 412 more words