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It's not all rainbows and butterflies

I’m not always happy.
I’d like to have more money. More space. More time.
I don’t fold and put away my laundry as soon as it’s dry. 266 more words


Sometimes, our minds play tricks on us. You heard a voice. It sound so familiar. Could it have been a friend? But, there’s no physical form. 63 more words


Claiming to be there
In that state
You actions don’t match up
You’re a fake
It’s not peace
Just a piece
If even that….

F, Marry, Kill Letters

In 5th grade I was asked: F, Marry, Kill: Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson.

I went with: F: Aniston Marry: Watson Kill: Diaz

Here are the letters I wrote to the ladies breaking them the news. 664 more words

Catbird Seat


As a philosopher (by that, i mean run a philosophy club once) I often ponder on what is the world? What is life?

And thus, I present to you my grand theories: 331 more words


Most people don’t believe ghosts aren’t real. They probably don’t believe because something supernatural hasn’t happened to them. I on the other hand do believe in ghosts. 170 more words

No, That Lady Didn't Have A Third Boob Implanted

21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil is a masseuse in Tampa, Florida who says she recently spent $20,000 to have a third boob implanted on her chest. But it’s not true. 238 more words