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The Dare by Rachel van Dyken

Well…that was disappointing. Definitely my least favorite book in “The Bet” series, even though it probably had the most potential of all three. My biggest problem with this book was following the logic behind many of the characters’ decision-making. 893 more words

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Love Impact White Snowy Eye Cream

Claims: A refreshing gel cream that delivers rich moisture and reduces puffiness. VC-IP, Glabridin, Hyaluronic acid in this formula accelerate blood circulation, diminishes the appearance of dark circles, and provides an intense soothing for the eye area. 234 more words


Missing but Not Really...

In analyzing how I feel for someone today versus how I’ve felt in the past, I see such a huge discrepancy. Two extremes even. Today I feel nothing. 466 more words

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Making the Cut

I did it.

I canceled my first credit card since beginning this experiment.

This is not a huge accomplishment. I hadn’t used it yet. It’s a card I applied for because I thought I might use it to buy stuff and earn points which I could exchange for more stuff. 18 more words


Love Hacked by Penny Reid

Sadly, I’d have to say that this was my least favorite Knitting in the City book to date. After the second novel in the series I was really hoping that we were headed towards an upward trajectory of awesomeness, but after a while I was just so frustrated with the plot of this book that I couldn’t wait for it to end already. 720 more words


Second Chances

Back at the end of August, before this fool’s errand began, you may remember reading something about me having gone on a buying bender. Essentially, I ordered a bunch of crap on sale that I didn’t need, but I convinced myself that I deserved because I was preparing to be good for a whole year and I love fall clothes and it was my birthday and blah blah blah. 95 more words