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HuffPo Has Become a Steaming Pile of AOLbage.

I keep making the mistake of clicking links that lead to The Huffington Post. Big mistake. Their website takes so long to completely load – and is impossible to navigate while it’s doing so – I just can’t stand going there anymore. 66 more words


7 Things That Aren't Worth Your Money

There are a lot of things in this world that just aren’t worth the money you’ve spent. Somehow, Lynn Stuart Parramore of Salon managed to narrow it down to 7 things. 143 more words



I was always told to start with an explosion.
But I’d rather begin with the bomb.


Not worth the hype...........

Benefit They’re real! push-up liner

Bit controversial, as this is a fairly new product that has been much hyped about in the beauty blogger world. But to be quite honest, it has had very mixed reviews. 401 more words



We cannot let the government bulldoze our forests, pollute our waters, destroy our wildlife and quicken the consumption of crude oil around the world. We cannot let them damage our beautiful planet any more than it already is damaged. 296 more words

So long fucker

I’m done. The dude with the dick so wide it made my pussy bleed can kiss my ass. He’s cute, but he ain’t that cute. … 21 more words

Just Because


It’s horrible and has nothing to do with reconciling, but I can’t be the only one who gets like this. I wanted to call the WBFIEH/mistress’s husband and invite him over as it’s my husband’s night with the kids. 191 more words