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This Past Week

*Disclaimer: This probably doesn’t make sense. There are probably typos and other errors, but I just needed to say something.

I haven’t been writing. And this time is hasn’t been due to laziness or writer’s block.  633 more words

Sometimes... On writing, mostly, but also life in general

I’ve had some of the best days of my life in the last few months.
Although there are times when I feel selfish and self-indulgent, I try to remember that I lived in a state of auto-pilot for so long, doing without thinking, that I need (deserve?) this time to do it the other way round. 1,220 more words


I haven't really been writing recently...

I have recently started writing a novel that is tentatively titled The Kraken and the Clock Tower. These posts will document that process, including a weekly word count check in, along with various thoughts and feelings along the way.


Over the hump... out of a slump?

I’m taking my first vacation in five years over the next two weeks. My intention is to read, write and move my body around in the sunshine. 413 more words

Writer's Journal

Don't Think About Writing...

After last week’s momentous book launch, I decided I deserved a weekend’s worth of down time. I’d been going 4-40 since January and felt exhausted. All I was looking for was two days of doing nothing. 799 more words


Physicality wars

A couple of times I’ve come across people discussing the shift from physical ownership of media (music /movies on a disk) to the ‘rental’ or digital-only ownership models. 73 more words

Not Writing

My cup runneth on empty

I would sell my soul for magical coffee pot that would perch on my countertop patiently percolating until I poured some blood-and-guts coffee loaded with gritty unfiltered words into an oversized novelty cup letting them spill over onto my notebook and I would drink some of them and edit the rest and only when my coffee and my words and my tongue and my heart dried up like a kettle on a red hot burner would I begin to wonder what it means to have a soul and whether it is just the part of the tongue that lets you quench your thirst.