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Process of Writing: not writing

This seems like the misfit of the writing process and certainly one I don’t usually practice willingly. lol

What else do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? 506 more words


Not wanting to write.

I don’t want to write at the moment but I am. I have no desire to commit pen to paper (or in my case, finger to keyboard), but I need to write this down. 199 more words

what kind of goddamn poet am i anyway

i mean i think i want to be a writer



one of those people, you know the kind

that float through walls and  195 more words

Okay. I call shenanigans

Top searches for my blog within the last week:

Keep finding insects 2014 — Um. Gross?

Are horses teeth made of milk — I… what? 59 more words


A Blog Post About Why I Don't Really Like Blog Posts

Isn’t blogging a bit pretentious? For me to assume that anything I have to say is of any importance to you?

Isn’t it a bit pretentious for any of us to assume that our words–thrown out there into the great, vast cyber-world–matter at all? 461 more words


The Hunt for Snotsquache

You ever pull out a really big booger and find a hair in it?

Me neither.

Digging in your nose, that’s a disgusting habit. So disgusting, in fact, that people only do it when they’re locked in a room, all by themselves, and no one can see them. 509 more words

Life Or Something Like It

This Vicious Cabaret

So. Apparently there’s a subculture of folks who enjoy wearing female latex masks. They got some attention this week when a ‘shopped .gif of Emma Watson removing her skin to reveal Sofia Vergara went viral from… 159 more words