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Fallow fields

Tis the winter of my not writing…but for a change, it feels more like a resting field than a concrete parking lot.

I can feel the life under the surface, the worms and bugs and roots and earth, cold now, but resting, not dead. 165 more words


A reason for the radio silence, and some changes at the blog

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin… 828 more words


A Day in the Slice of a Writer

It’s 12:22 PM and I still haven’t been able to sit down to work on my memoir. I did my morning stretches, drank hot water with lemon, followed by black coffee, ate my morning oatmeal and millet with date, walnuts and chia, (Forgot to throw in the ground flax seeds.) read the morning newspaper cover to cover, both national and international news and now rather than sit down and work on my memoir-nearing-completion, (It’s been nearing completion for thirty years.) I prefer to write this slice of life. 811 more words

This Fallow Ground

Recently, I read an article over on WriterUnboxed about the importance of doing nothing. The author, Robin LaFevers, talked about how many times writers may look like they aren’t doing much of anything. 577 more words


Monday, 01/05 through Tuesday, 01/20

Sporadic days of writing – brainstorming, blogs, jokes, bits, sketch ideas.

Lost count of when and what I accomplished which isn’t much but I am hoping to do a set soon and we’ll see what happens. 32 more words


Maybe Not Too Busy

I’ve not been too busy.

I’ve not even been too sick, although that weekend flu gave me a run for my money (that doesn’t actually exist, because guess what: it’s not payday). 325 more words

Why I Won't be Writing for the Next Two Months

Hey! This isn’t going to be a post explaining why I haven’t posted in a while (I hate those)- this is going to be even worse. 274 more words