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It's Pouring Rain and I'm Cooking Sausage

When I said I would try not to have a Wuss-out Wednesday this week, I did not say anything about not having a Non-Sequitur Thursday. For one thing, today is my Friday. 455 more words


Whirlwind of Productivity, or Week 3 #RoW80 Midweek Check-in

Whew. I feel like I ran a marathon this week or something.

Between a trip to Anchorage (see post on other blog, here), and sleepless nights (partly because of random insomnia/mind not willing to shut off, and a child who refuses to sleep through the night at 7.5 months), I’m exhausted! 842 more words


I Want to Watch World's Dumbest!

It is a sad thing to be Tired on Tuesday when you are pretty sure you are going to Wuss-out on Wednesday. And yet, here I am. 305 more words


Another One Bites the Dust... Or #RoW80 Week 3 Check-in

It’s week 3, I have to get creative with my blogging titles, right?

To be honest, titles have never been my strength. There are some people who have great talent at titles and epithets, but, alas, that is not me. 831 more words


The Candy Book Tag

f you’d like to do this tag go here to find out more: http://bookishserendipityco.ipage.com/candy-tag/

1. Apples

Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful, and probably won a lot of awards but, um, it really isn’t your thing. 485 more words

Book Tag

In the worlds before Monkey...

If you recognise the title of this post, then you are one of the (very) many people who were at some time in life exposed to the show called… 162 more words


Sweats On, Bra Off

Sorry folks, but I’m taking my Wrist to Forehead day today instead of Sunday. Look at the time! It’s after 6 o’clock! I should be in my sweats on, bra off, wine drinking, movie watching portion of the day. 211 more words