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Ssssh! I'm NOT writing a new book for kids!

It’s a funny ol’ business, publishing. Flipping heck, it can be tough. And I DON’T just mean the parties ;-) Recently, I’ve been floundering a bit. 401 more words

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"On Not Writing" by Bill Hayes

Have you ever found yourself in the deep end of “not writing”?

Have a look at this great blog post by Bill Hayes in The New York Times:    9 more words


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I found this an interesting explanation of the writing process. I have used the analogy of a "reading muscle"when encouraging inexperienced readers, i.e. the more you use it the easier it becomes. This is a much more scientific explanation applied to our "writing muscles" Thanks to Lalien Cilliers

The Notebook is Closed

The notebook is closed and the pen un-clicked, pending further investigation of life without writing. Please send all queries to the appropriate representative.


Where have you been?

I know I have been a really bad host lately. I keep inviting people to the party, but then I never show up.  I’ve been less than active on this blog and not very active on social media either. 1,405 more words


Taking breaks from writing.

I was just reading this thing on NYT Opinionator that author Bill Hayes wrote: “On Not Writing.” As the title suggests, he talks about how he stopped working on writing for a long while. 709 more words


Do You Feel Like Reading a Silly Post?

So there I was, writing about the DARE 5K. It was the third day I’d been working on it. My brain and my pen slowly came to a stop. 446 more words


Blog: Slow on the writing

It’s been a slow month or two for writing. Which is most unfortunate.

I’d been hoping to be prolific, but then we can’t have it all. 443 more words

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