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تبديل التعبير النصي عن طريق برنامج النوت باد بلس Notepad++ regular expression replacing

أريد أن أنسخ النصوص لقرائتها بدون ما تكون الإشارة للمرجع موجودة و لحذفها تأخذ وقت و لهذا علينا أيجاد طريقة للبحث و تبديل كامل الإشارات المرجعية , الطريقة الأسرع برأيي هي برنامج النوتباد بلس حيث يستطيع البحث عن أي صيغة نصية تحوي أرقام او أي صيغ… 7 more words


Notepad ++

Siapa yg tak kenal dengan software ini…??? yaps, pasti kalian dah pada kenal ya.. :) kalo blum kenal, maka kenalan aja dah… hehe.. :) bagi yang tidak punya software ini, silahkan di ambil aja gan… gratis… :) silahkan download disini : Notepad++


Windows 8.1 Update (still can't find notepad)

Ok,just finished the update install and I have the new pieces to show for it. It starts off now at the desktop and not the home-screen. 300 more words

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DIY | Notebook

I have been trying to create a notebook for a couple of days now and I finally did it.
Here’s how;

Grab the type of paper you would like to use. 87 more words


Pink Zebra Design {Review & Giveaway}

Being a teacher, you write so many notes throughout the day! I never realized what all you have to remember when it comes to meetings, important dates, etc. 368 more words

Reviews & Giveaways

I haven’t written anything in such a long time. 

Every time i write something it just ends on my note pad… My journal is full of unfinished sentences. 126 more words

Wanna Learn Some Coding?

When I first joined a robotics team, I walked in with no experience in programming whatsoever. Oh sure, I could easily build the Lego MINDSTORMS NXT robot, but when it came to programming … I was pretty awful. 1,051 more words