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Writing Tips, Tricks, Idea's 1

My very lovely friend and fantastically talented photographer Erika Tanith (www.erikatanithphotography.co.uk) said to me recently that I should write about writing.

So here I am writing about the little tips, tricks and ideas, which I find help, or give me inspiration. 433 more words


Vibrating trains

I have been traveling to London for past few weeks for my management training for a retail company, I wouldnt say which one – although that has finished now but since things have been busy never had the chance to post anything, my apologies. 213 more words

Random Thoughts

[D.I.Y] Recycled Notepad

Di atas meja saya di kantor, ada satu kotak berwarna hijau yang saya isi dengan tumpukan kertas bekas yang berstatus ‘dibuang sayang’. Saya kerap menggunakannya setiap kali ingin mencatat sesuatu dan tidak bisa menemukan agenda yang terkadang menyelip entah di mana. 230 more words


A glimpse of HTML and database

Hi guys! It’s been a week since I last posted my blog about IT. Did you miss my blog? If yes, I’m gonna blog to you a new topic in lecture and html in laboratory. 162 more words

Week 12: Introduction to HTML

Its been years since I last wrote some sort of html program for competitions and yes, I have forgotten most of it. I mean, after couple of busy years, what would I expect to myself? 283 more words

Final Notepad Design

After much delay and work on my notepad, it has finally been finished. I learned how to make my own custom “color” out of a stock pattern from Illustrator (light blue background and dark blue dots from an originally black and white pattern), which, as it turns out, is actually very difficult. 121 more words