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Best Friends Forever.

Yesterday was definitely a blast! I was really happy and fulfilled. Why? well, because I got to see my best-ever best friend after 2 years. 249 more words





Blame sanctions or anti-sanctions? Russian inflation up to 8.3%/yr in latest official report

— greg white (@whitegl) October 22, 2014

More counter-sanctions:

"unsafe by veterinary-sanitary measures" > …

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Imperfect data

The art of epidemiologic reasoning is to draw sensible conclusions from imperfect data.”

George W. Comstock

American Journal of Epidemiology 1990


“He is a thousand stacks of bravery for loving the battlefield of my bones.” – Lala A.


As The Landscape Yields

The red leaves take the green leaves’ place, and the landscape yields. We go to sleep with the peach in our hands and wake with the stone, but the stone is the pledge of summers to come.
–Emily Dickinson

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Classwork and Homework for 10/22/14


In today’s classes we talked about how stars change, or evolve, over time.  During our discussion we talked about how stars initially form and then we compared the evolutionary changes that would take place for a medium-sized star like our Sun to those of a massive star.  372 more words

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