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Being In A Relationship For The Wrong Reasons

It was one Saturday night when I was out with a couple of friends on that #TurnUpYaNgeMpela (Real Turn Up) mode, but that evening was not like any other one that we’ve had. 5,094 more words


How to Divide Multiple Cells in Excel

Yes, I’m an excel n00b. I thought this was pretty cool.


Place the value by which you wish to divide in a blank cell.

Select all of the cells you wish to divide and copy them. 21 more words


I Hated Ida

I hate to play the “Mary-Mary-Quite-Contrary” role and am very self-conscious about venturing a wholesale rebuttal of predominant critical opinions, but Ida, which has been decked out in stars, laurels, hyperbole, and comparisons to Dreyer, Bergman, Wajda, and a myriad of other mainstays in the art-house canon, is among the worst films of the year. 890 more words


Note 16 - Power Series (part II)

Recall: We want to study infinite sum of analytic functions of a very specific form, power series.

I. Radius of convergence of a power series: 663 more words


NEW EC Notebook!

At 1:37pm I received an email from Erin Condren! Their NEW On-The-Go Notesbooks are out! And for a limited time you can get a FREE 18 month calendar booklet!!! 276 more words


khoá linh thao tháng 9.2014 tại Đức

Xin ghi danh tham dự khoá linh thao Khai Tâm (2 ngày), khoá cấp I (5 ngày) và khoá cấp II (7 ngày) tại Herxheim do linh mục Nguyễn Thế Minh hướng dẫn. 181 more words


You want to do something, write it down

This is the basic time management lesson that i have learnt over the years. Let us stop thinking or believing that our brain is equivalent to a super computer. 116 more words

Time Management