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Gender Lines in the Text

First, let me say that if someone pays you a sincere compliment in your writing, believe them. You’ll know its sincere, and don’t let it go to your head. 313 more words


Some joyful notes

Maybe one of these notes speaks to you today. Joyful notes are a way of sharing a little insight and sunshine I’ve found along the way.

Mudik Madness

Dulu, saya suka tidak habis pikir ketika melihat orang-orang yang melakukan mudik saat lebaran. Melihat bagaimana mereka berusaha dengan berbagai cara agar bisa pulang ke kampung halaman meski macet luar biasa, berjubel dalam angkutan umum, membawa barang segala rupa dan menderita sepanjang jalan. 951 more words


How Machiavellian was Machiavelli?

Machiavelli is notorious for the doctrine of the ends justify the means (DEJM). In his lecture How Machiavellian was Machiavelli?, Quentin Skinner answers that whilst he basically did argue for the DEJM, the picture is more complex than that. 629 more words


Not just notes

Reggae music feeds the weary soul,
Waters the spirit when it’s dry,
Fills the whole in the psyche,
Melts the barrier of the inexplicable bringing reality, 85 more words

Minor Improvements

Hello all. Just wanted to show you how I’ve finally started decorating my second Midori Traveler’s Notebook refill. A few days ago, I posted a video of the first completed one. 162 more words


4 classroom-tested public speaking techniques

Speech 101 doesn’t have to be the palm-sweating, horrifying graduation requirement that most students make it out to be.

I, too, fell victim to the fear of public speaking, putting off enrollment in the course every semester until it stood as the only thing separating me from my degree. 812 more words