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Saltwater Fly Fishing - Equipment Basics

In this blog post we discuss the basics about SWFF equipment. Fly fishing in saltwater is tough even to the most patient of anglers. Success does not come easy, it takes time and effort but is rewarding when it all goes according to plan. 516 more words


general notes

creeps me out how i’m a string of numbers that just fits into a tiny 4×6 plastic filing box

i wonder when i started getting really excited about the concept of going to bed early, especially on the weekends… 171 more words

Kamu Aja Dia Enggak

‘kamunya aja yang antusias, dia nya biasa aja’..

#makjleb kali kata-kata si aia ini.. what???? aia???? astaghfirullah.. kenapa ada dia???

oke, oke, maafkan aku.. aku tidak bermaksud berhubungan dengannya..

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[Story] Morthorn's Notes

Today I’d planned to make my trip to the city, the ball will be coming up soon and I don’t want to wait until the last moment. 774 more words


It's time to start a food blog

I’ve been cooking and sharing my creations for years, but not in an organized manner. After receiving praise socially as well as from friends and family, I decided to start organizing my thoughts, photos and recipes into a collection that I could share with the world. 46 more words


Notes from October.

You wake up from nightmares. Ours bleed into reality. We wake up only to find the monsters are still here.


Evernote as a Tool for Education

I made my own first tentative explorations with the Evernote App in early 2012. Within a relatively short time I was pretty convinced that I’d found a new set of tools that enabled me to be more efficient, to marshal and organise resources, thoughts, ideas and data. 620 more words