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Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the media Sowed The Seeds of Discontent which led to the Ferguson Riots

It gets my ire up how the media used photos of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown when they were little boys to purposely falsifying the truth. 739 more words


25 years ago

25 years ago, my country was called Czechoslovakia. Until 17 November 1989 Czechoslovakia was just a Soviet puppet. But 25 years ago opposition activists staged what became known as the “Velvet Revolution” to overthrown the Communist government in Czechoslovakia. 96 more words


Jakarta dan banjir

3 tahun saya lebih banyak tinggal di Jakarta, dan yang paling berkesan adalah musim hujan. Musim hujan itu menyenangkan kalau di Jakarta. Bukan cuman bau tanah yang khas tapi udaranya enak. 68 more words


Основные источники информации

Ниже представлены наиболее интересные ресурсы по сетевым технологиям:

  1. etherealmind.com
    Блог Грега Ферро (Greg Ferro) – эксперта по сетевым технологиям. Регулярно скидывает интересные статьи и заметки.
  2. 25 more words

“Dan Brown lied!” New Mystery Thriller novel asserts.

Author debunks theories of Dan Brown, with irrefutable evidence wrapped up in a riveting fast-paced Mystery Thriller.

Abuja, Nigeria.
Thrones – a novel by ‘Nonso John – which claims to have verifiable evidence against Dan Brown’s theories, has recently been published by Smashwords. 539 more words


Notes on Schelling and the Partition of the Sensible.

Rancière describes the Political as that which inheres in the difference of the social body from itself, or really of the thoroughgoing contingency of the social order which can only result from the imposition of such a difference; this state of absolute contingency, which due to the fissiparous nature thereof is also a state of exception, is what Rancière calls Democracy. 2,103 more words


1625~Green Smoothie

-10 cups chopped black kale; 1/2 cup chopped carrot; 1  1/2 cups diced broccoli; 2 large banana; 1 heaping tbsp hemp seeds; 2 heaping tbsp goji berries; 1/2 level tsp camu camu powder; 2 level tsp maca powder; 1 level tsp chocolate syrup; 1 level tsp coconut butter; half a 1/4-tsp stevia concentrate; 14 ice cubes; 1  1/2 cups cold water 16 more words

Hemp Seeds