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#hap2014 - 200 - Alles (by Wir Sind Helden)

Stell’ dir vor, dass Erlösung nicht nur für Religiöse wär’…

That’s probably one of very few writings I’d ever tattoo on my body and boy I am picky. 92 more words


Weigh Wrong!

My 19-year old daughter hugged me and then critiqued that she’d felt a roll. Always quick to provide the not-so-obvious thanks-a-lot, I’ve been hiding-that-the-best-I-can comment, she struck me to the core. 161 more words

Nothing And Everything

Age Spots

Had to remind myself it’s about the ripeness:

- completely matured
- ruddiness and fullness
- advanced to the point of being in the best condition for use… 22 more words

Nothing And Everything

Where Oscar Lives

The first time I did a dumpster dive was when I was in high school. OK, so it wasn’t me. It was three of my guy friends. 151 more words

Nothing And Everything

Letters to July / 10

Dear July,

You are hot. Not in a seductive way, but in a way that makes all the energy to do anything just evaporate off my skin along with the sweat. 126 more words


Poem #2

Power in Passive

Passive does not indicate


It indicates acceptance

Understanding of a different type

Willingness to learn and


In any direction

That strikes your fancy… 800 more words