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Stuck On You

I had a nagging voice inside my head today.

It was my mother. I heard her loud and clear!

Like any good mother-daughter relationship, I ignored her half the time. 600 more words

Nothing And Everything

Note to Self - #1

Don’t buy your restaurant gift cards at 6:00 on Friday night.

Nothing And Everything

Blogging and the people you meet - - -

I met this fellow blogger guy once. I say once because after he learned I’d been stalking him for months, he made sure I didn’t follow him anymore. 313 more words

Nothing And Everything


Think about the needy. Now think about the needy.

Think about the desperate. Now think about the desperate.

Think about love. Now think about loving.

Nothing And Everything


We are not shopping, we’re getting exercising.

We are not spending money, we’re finding deals.

We are not eating out, we’re keeping up our strength. 20 more words

Nothing And Everything

Don’t be anxious about life on the inside.
Do be anxious to live life from the outside.

Nothing And Everything