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About a girl

Stefanie asked us if we wanted to take a “Journey” to NYC during Memorial Day weekend.  I told myself that I don’t usually travel on holiday weekends but this was Stefanie – and she was coming all the way to the East Coast. 737 more words

Nothing And Everything


It was still foreign to him to pull into the apartment complex lot after second shift. It had been three months and while there were a lot of cars, it was almost ghostly. 474 more words

Nothing And Everything

Time is on your side

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Two people can share the same moment in time but remember the experience entirely differently. In the moment, there are different perspectives of what is happening, different moods, ages, needs and impressions. 51 more words

Nothing And Everything

Dilate Your Mind


Getting toward the end of an unusually long winter, I was near desperate to see the sun shine today.  It was glorious just to be able to leave work and go down the street for an eye examination.   425 more words

Nothing And Everything

The Bright Side of Life

When you are taken out of the nest before you are born -

your family is taken from you and ends up in a scrambled mess… 124 more words

Nothing And Everything


The vast majority of people who have mental illness problems never hurt anybody.

Penn Jillette

Nothing And Everything

Power Play

I used to play ball but the most energizing thing for me nowadays is a  power meeting.

While the scenery is different, by far, much of the jargon is the same.   169 more words

Nothing And Everything