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Morning Doblogosis

Doblogosis is often referred to as the blogger’s disease. Although there are other types, morning doblogosis is the most common because it occurs with the greatest frequency upon one’s first conscious waking thought. 192 more words

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Renipflex...word of the day

Jumping flinch reflex when your cat is trying to find a place to purr and steps directly on the exact center of your nipple…occurs while blogging on your tablet first thing in the morning…often results in the cat propelling into the air and an expletive.

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Blog Yada

The new year stands before us like the next blog entry. Who will be the next person you inspire…or offend?

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Stuck On You

I had a nagging voice inside my head today.

It was my mother. I heard her loud and clear!

Like any good mother-daughter relationship, I ignored her half the time. 600 more words

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Note to Self - #1

Don’t buy your restaurant gift cards at 6:00 on Friday night.

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