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einmal ist keinmal

week 6 has barely begun and i find myself in the reading room after four months

i am seventeen pages away from just completing the third chapter and as of now i have been plagued by a handful of philosophers’ idea of the self and have finally found one that i identify with the most closely: thank goodness for immanuel kant because david hume’s idea was just bizarre. 126 more words

Nothing Much

philosophy of self

this is a start of sheer determination. starting on my philosophy essay and hoping to churn out 1500 words that are coherent, well thought out and logical. 84 more words

Nothing Much

My favourite girls ...

I promised some students that I would post a photo of my girls … so here are Brenda (the brown one), Barbara (the black one), Mavis (the grey one) and I will add one of Pearl (the white one) after !!

Nothing Much

Nothing Much

My two favorite English language idioms?
“As cool as a cucumber” “Right on the money”

And my most favorite?
“Nothing much”.

After some years
Of practicing Meditation… 64 more words


Nothing Much

Travis Louie

I am only the implication

Of a truth not yet composed.

Wherever there are statues

There are hearts that coincide.

Every morning another reaper… 78 more words


good break

i am about to take a long bus ride to jurong east interchange – meaning that i finally have the time to sit down and thumb type a proper post about how i spent my summer holiday. 208 more words

Nothing Much

Summer time

The time for the big switch off is fast approaching as July comes to a close. You may remember a recent post about decorating and turning out of my study. 145 more words