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this is a post about bread, seriously

this was actually typed out on 8th of august and i never got about to finish it.

everything in a chronological order: waking up at 0730hrs, realizing that my mental calculation was overestimated and that i only needed to wake up at 0830hrs, getting up anyway and then leaving the house one and half hours later, still getting a kick out of overtaking office ladies who walk with small weary steps (acknowledging that this smugness is extremely childish and that this is highly likely to happen to me 10 years later) reaching the train station and then walking into breadtalk to get both breakfast and lunch and deciding after three minutes that the variety in breadtalk wasn’t worth the six dollars and proceeded to the less expensive option of neighborhood baked buns (one major takeaway from NBS camp: discovering the treasure that is “golden triangle”) which is at least thirty to forty cents cheaper than lackluster breadtalk buns (the only redeeming buns: breadtalk sugar donuts and their curry naan) which i couldn’t afford…..so in fergie’s words: if you ain’t got no money you’re a broke ass bitch. 206 more words

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What's your Elf name ?

My Elf name is Pudding Sugar-Socks, my husband is Nipper Sugar-Socks, and my kids are Twinkle-Snowballs, Sugarplum Tinselpants and Tinker Twinkletoes. What about you ??? What’s your Elf name ?

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Three books on the Pacific Crest Trail

The upcoming movie based on the book titled “Wild” endorsed by Oprah Winfrey’s book club is not really much about the PCT. The copy I have has praises for the author on the first page after the front cover. 324 more words

There Was A Time

I’m not really sure about the significance of the title but I thought it was pretty SPOT-ON as a title for the first post on my new blog titled “The Caren Times”. 199 more words

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Where have I been?

I’m sorry.  It’s been well over a month since my last post.  I know, I know, that’s the equivalent of going out of business in the bloggy world.   582 more words

This isn't quite gospel yet.

I haven’t a thing to say on this new site of mine as yet.  In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Leigh Whannell, who needs to let me love him.

Leigh Whannell

little goals

finding little gems like this on youtube and thinking again that i would like to learn how to play a musical instrument. i think of things i want to learn and even master, and then i realise how i am a champion at underutilising useful time… 105 more words

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