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train watching

a mother talks to her son and notices the sling of his bag is torn – thought of what i would do in this situation ‘mom can you help me sew this’ and realizing that skill: sewing is something i need to master, passing by potong pasir mrt (isn’t it strange how foreign everything seems now), an Indian couple talking and listening to each other – the total lack of smartphone usage is something that’s hard to see nowadays, lady on the right using her samsung galaxy, Indian man standing on the right deep in thought, influx of people onto the train carriage at dhoby ghaut and new handholds… 9 more words

Nothing Much

The A46

The A46 is closed because a lorry shed its load of paint and tiles. Driving means dodging lanes and circling the city using back roads. Go past Tesco, Aldi, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer. Get to work.

Nothing Much


Its been super long since my last post cause I have been very very busy for the last few weeks… many of my friends have already began they JC life and as for me, I haven just working and working… and for the whole of month of February, I did not work for 2 days only… the only good thing is I am earning more money but I am super sleep deprived… … 118 more words

My Post

hello hello

typing this on the train, very happy because i am about to meet my best friend for a study date and for some good food at night. 257 more words

Nothing Much

Limited Letters = Limited Words

Composing words only using letters: n i e z h f p l t s u

What I found:

zip in zen she felt

i feel hip… 46 more words


Nothing Clever Yesterday. Nothing Clever Today.

So I’ve been sitting here piddling away at writing, wasting time on Pinterest, and poking my eyes out over Pandora (there’s ads, can only skip so many songs….blarg) when suddenly I realized I was supposed to write a blog today. 314 more words