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Feel nothing.

What does that even mean? How can you feel nothing? Even numbness itself is a feeling. You feel yourself not being able to feel, so that’s a feeling on its own. 322 more words




I cannot take it anymore


This morning

I exist on my sheets unaware of my breathing

unaware of my feeling

unaware that I even have feet to carry me to the couch… 227 more words


Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing

When I was younger I never understood that whole ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ thing.

I’m not sure if it was because I just didn’t think hard enough about it or I was stupid but for some reason I thought it was some Captain Planet Environmentalist saying. 461 more words

Hello world, the cake is a lie :(

Hello world! Here you can join me in my ongoing quest for world domination

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honestly speaking...

To tell the truth truthfully and not just say something and then pretend its the truth, so much that I eventually may start deceiving myself  to believe that it is but truth, is a difficult thing to do. 100 more words

Short Posts

WHIRR - " Lines "


Whirr seem to be the new big shoegaze band with the new album “Sway” released in September, An American band from the San Francisco bay area formed in 2010 Nick bassett the guitarist also played in “Deafhaven” with their sound and style compared to My Bloody Valentine. 45 more words


Je eigen stijl - Hoe vind ik er een?

Aah, het voelt goed om weer te schrijven na zo’n lange tijd. Je kunt wel zeggen dat ik het erg gemist heb. Vandaag een onderwerp dat ik al langer in gedachte had, namelijk je unieke en eigen stijl! 346 more words