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Time To Crack That Whip!

Gah, I feel awful! Didn’t post anything yesterday, because I was sitting with my housemates until way too late! And today it almost went the same way. 171 more words


A place called Nowhere

Where did I go wrong? feels like I woke up one day and my life wasn’t my own anymore. Looking at the person in the mirror she looks like me but i don’t recognise her. 179 more words

He Wanted Me to be in His Fan Club

And I Just Couldn’t Do It.

We started off with a bang and became the best of friends.  Talked about everything down to the last silly details.   290 more words

Nothing is Therapeutic

Have you ever found a secluded spot, perhaps some deep forest with nothing but rolling hills and evergreens for miles in every direction, and shouted your problems to the emptiness? 176 more words

Curing Humanity

Touch. The only thing keeping you and I together. When it’s done and the night ends. Your eyes fade away from mine. I know I have to let you go. 22 more words


Days gone too fast