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nothing cared

could care less about politics

not interesting in anything

that doesn’t speak from within

and how was what it saw

and then it was that door… 45 more words


chair of nothing


and how it sits there

and looks at you in the face

and what are the memories

and what are the turn around

and how it makes so little sense… 41 more words


Thinking of Nothing

“Close your eyes and think of nothing,” the psychology teacher instructs.

“Nothing?” several of the high school students ask. An air of festivity surrounds the classroom. 557 more words

Breast Reduction Houston

Lots of brand-new mothers and those which have actually been increasing little ones for several years want to enhance their appearance after the physical severities of maternity and also parenthood have taken their cost. 82 more words


Convincing yourself is the hardest thing to do.. EVER (seriously)

I don’t know about you, but I put my whole person into my work, my relationship, my friends and family. Which of course makes it harder when those things disappoint me, and I tend to be one of those people who doesn’t forget things like birthdays, meetings or disappointments that happen in a relationship. 354 more words

Rittz - Next to Nothing Review

This is a deep delve into Rittz emotions and feelings. It consists of songs about how he came into the rap game and established his name. 194 more words

Houston Cosmetic Surgery

Numerous new mommies and those who exactly have actually been rearing little ones for a long times wish to boost their appeal after the physical thoroughness of maternity and also being a mother have actually taken their cost. 86 more words