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–Congratulations, You lost me–


field report iv

A middle-aged man stands at a bus stop wearing a shirt proclaiming ‘I Speak Furbish’ with a large image of a Furby. Strong temptation to stop and engage in Furbish. 39 more words

City Life


At night
While people look to the stars
Spread across the universe
I look to empty space.
Why empty space?
Because empty space
Is a portal to the non-manifest… 60 more words


Member News & Updates

This article includes new postings with the latest ICA member news, as well as updates on outside conferences and publications. All ICA members are encouraged to submit their latest professional news for inclusion in the Newsletter by e-mailing Jennifer Le at jle@icahdq.org .

August 2014

Annual Ritual

Too tiring. Every year is the same. It’s all too exhausting. Can I just maove, living far far far away to unreachable place later? I don’t wish to bear this every year. 35 more words


First, Start with Nothing

I met with the other teachers, and they seem to think it is normal to talk in a different language known as teacher talk. (Excuse me, what in the world are you talking about right now?!) They also think it is normal to think creatively on a whim with nothing to use but tape and cardboard. 142 more words