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Explode mesh in Rhinoceros

Have you ever tried to explode a mesh object into face (mesh) using Rhino?

It’s impossible with the _explode command or ungroup
here is the solution : 16 more words


Australia: Clive Palmer Will Not Back Coalition Government's Direct Action Plant to Combat Climate Change

One of Australia’s most ‘laughed at’ politicians is refusing to back what he sees as a waste of money – a project to combat climate change that will achieve nothing. 11 more words



That moment between sleep and awake-

Where joy and ecstasy live hand in hand with self loathing.

That tiny frozen spell where everything is clear and you see you are just a grain in an hourglass. 30 more words


Writer's Block

I’ve got nothing more than writer’s block.

But I guess that’s something to write about.



April 23, 2014 -- nothing

Today’s Bible reading and an excerpt from it 

Read Matthew 5:3 — Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 347 more words

The Pursuit Of God

N o t h i n g

Me cuesta trabajo aprender esta simple lección, dejarme llevar por la corriente sin crearme ideas en mi cabecita que al final terminan frustrándome. Quisiera poder vivir sin esa necesidad de fantasear que pasaría si… 68 more words