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Moto Nexus 6 has a HIDDEN Notification LED light on its front Speaker

Google always puts an LED notification lights on its Nexus devices, but it doesn’t always put them to use. In fact, Google doesn’t always even let anyone know that the LED exists in the devi

Hello and welcome.

Hello dear people and welcome to my new blog.

This blog I made for us to talk and comment about out usuall teen lifes.

I hope this will work out!

Love u, xx. Lana.


In case you were wondering...

I am still waiting for my invitation to interview at Stanford GSB. Yes, I’m aware that it’s just two days to go till the window closes but you’re talking to the lady who got her Booth invite on the last day and her Sloan invite on the day before the last. 210 more words


Meet the Enforcers: COMESA's Rajeev Hasnah, 1st in exclusive AAT interview series

New AAT interview series highlights individual African competition enforcers

In the first instalment of our new Meet the Enforcers series, we speak with Rajeev Hasnah… 1,239 more words


Script : Set up Notification to get blocking tree via email in SQL Server

In one of my previous blog, I shared a script to generate email notification which would contain query output in HTML format. The query was to find currently running processes in SQL Server. 771 more words


Donation Goal Increase. Why?

I have received a notification from Google cancelling their ad serving here due to the sites content being too sensitive in nature. Short, but I tried the easy approach first. 66 more words

11/15/2014 - New Event Today Lehman Hackathon

Bring your laptop and your creativity to join us in the most amazing hackathon!