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Clarity 52510.1 Home Notification System with Door Knocker and Bed Shaker (Red/White)

Save $ 63.88 order now Clarity 52510.1 Home Notification System with Door Knocker and Bed Shaker (Red/White) at Best Home Security Systems store. Daily updated home security systems reviews and find the best rated home security systems consumer reports on Ebay, Amazon. 11 more words

Windows 9 Notification Center in action

Windows Phone have only just received a notification center and it looks like the desktop version of Windows is about to follow suit. With Windows 9 expected to be officially unveiled on September 30th, new information is that the OS coming equipped with somewhere to keep all its notifications. 61 more words


See You!

The jungle’s calling me back! (ง•̀_•́)ง

See you next two months, should’ve been home before Dongwoo’s birthday on November 22. ♥(´⌣`ʃƪ)


‘Till then,



Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

Georgia State University updated it’s limited submission policy last month. This process is in place for restricted funding opportunities where the sponsor limits the number of applications that may be submitted from an institution or part of an institution. 107 more words


Enable Gmail Notifier in Chrome

Since Google disabled Gmail Notifier for desktop they released an option have Gmail Notifications inside your Chrome Browser. This notifications will work only if you have Chrome opened and you are signed in Gmail. 164 more words


Android Toast - Tricks

Lots of time I have seen that application Toast (Notification Dialog) still blinking on screen when application is closed by user. In this case user may confused by android system behavior; I have used simple and little bit tricky logic to avoid that. 162 more words


Dammit, Goodreads

Here’s a question for anybody who cares to answer. Are authors allowed to hate Goodreads and think it’s a lousy site whose developers should be put to work scrubbing toilets? 665 more words