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This dog followed us around during our tea plantation walk in Munnar. It was a fine-looking dog with a warm disposition. It seemed quite healthy, except for the fact that it was missing its left eye. 19 more words


Story-Weaving Part 1

We’ve all heard how we should “weave” elements of a story together so they make a pretty, ordered tapestry with a respectable pattern and which sells easily. 492 more words


Wonder Tape, The BEST Sewing Tool Ever, How did I ever survive without you?!?

Omg!! How did I ever live without Wonder Tape?!? It is is the absolute best invention ever for sewing. I don’t know how many of you out there are like me and love to sew and make absolutely adorable creations but DETEST pinning. 534 more words


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I was just in Walmart today and saw this and now I'm wishing I would have picked some up. I will pick some up on my next run.   NewsFlash I was able to go to Joann's  on Sunday during the 70% off notion sale. EZ-Steam II Heat N Bond Hem Tape   I used the Heat n Bond Ultra hold to hem sleeves on knit fabric.  It worked like a charm and I was able to double hem without using pins.  It seemed to make the hem a little sturdy while sewing.  Hopefully, it will lose the stiffness after washing.  I see myself using many more of these.  

a square review.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out and review Kollage Yarnssquare knitting needles. In an effort to find some needles that might help with my carpal tunnel in my right wrist, which has been an ongoing problem since I was in university, I thought maybe these would be the answer. 906 more words


The Books I Keep as Appetizers

I’ve never managed to quench my thirst for books, my ravenous hunger for knowledge or my large appetite for storytelling. True, I’ve slowly chewed my way through the classics, and I might’ve nibbled here and there in a few different genres. 1,327 more words


Luxury Knitting Notions

Luxury Knitting Notions now available in my Etsy Shop!

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining- so should every WIP!


9 Notions For the Young Professional

Since you can’t travel back in time to warn yourself of potentially disastrous career choices and decisions. This article from Fast Company gives you 9 things to think about. 9 more words